Being a Successful CleanHome© Executive

When you start taking better care of yourself and your home the CleanHome© way, one thing will become apparent to you. When things are running smoothly, you're happier, and when you're happier, things run smoother!

You're the CEO of the house; the manager of a home, and to run a happy home you have to be a good leader and take your job as serious as you would a job outside the house for someone else, BUT also enjoy it and have fun with it.

Do you know the things that make a good manager/leader?

1.Make your job as your home’s manager one you enjoy doing. It's hard to be productive without enthusiasm.

2.Know each team members strong points and delegate those tasks to them, while making the boring tasks fun to do. One child may love to vacuum, and the other may like to sweep. It won't hurt to let them keep doing the same things, but every so often switch up, so they all learn how to do a new task and possibly find new things they like..

3.Create a productive home environment by offering emotional rewards with praise and positive reinforcement. Also by setting out time to enjoy life with your family with times like, Friday Family Fun night, Special Kid night, Saturday Date night etc.

4.Define your own family's success. Make it clear to your family what constitutes success in your family.( Being stressfree and happy, spending time with each other). Goals must be realistic for your family. Your family will accept a routine they helped set, but they'll be cynical about a schedule imposed from the management, without their input. Work with them to set their own routines that they can agree with. Work to make family fun night fun for everyone involved.

5.Be a Good Communicator. You must be able to talk to your family, and encourage them to tell you what's going on in their lives and give you feedback about how things are working for them. A weekly family meeting ensures everyone is heard and happy. Sunday is a good meeting day, since it can help set the routine for the upcoming week.

6.Teach your team to do their jobs well. Transfer your CleanHome Executive skills to them over time. Many smart managers like to see their team increase their responsibilities as they grow up because it frees the manager to tackle new or undone tasks, leaving more time to enjoy life for everyone.

7.Give praise freely Make it clear there's plenty of goodwill to go around and that it's not just you who's going to look good for a smooth running house. Tell your friends about how your husband helps, and how the kids are helping. Let them hear you praise them to others as well. Give your team a sense of the importance of what they're working on.( a happy home and more time for fun stuff.)

8.Do your share of the work too. You need to do more than communicate and delegate. The last thing your team wants is a house manager who just doles out stuff while sitting back eating ice cream. Prove you can be hands-on by taking on the less attractive tasks and using it as an example of how your all in this together.

A good manager knows the benefit of delegation

Don't feel bad asking your family members to do stuff around the house. They live there too, make the mess too, and benefit from the clean too.

For the first little while, you might be running the house alone. But following your own CleanHome Routine, you'll find it gets much easier, even if you are doing it alone.

Once your spouse starts noticing that your doing your part better then you ever did it before, start asking for little bits of help. Don’t set out a weekly or daily task yet. Now and again ask him to help on a task. Encourage your husband to make his own daily maintanence task for the car, yard, and garage, when he asks what you’ve been doing different.

Plan your date night with him, and start getting him to make a meal one night a week, maybe on Wednesday, your “Pamper Yourself” day. (Make sure you give him a pamper day too, though.)

Get the kids involved too. Once they are old enough, they can help with learning to pick up after themselves, and if you chose set tasks each week for them, you'll notice them willing to do it with little or no argument, because they see the change in YOU, and your making it fun to do. My 5 year old daughter now begs me to dry the dishes, and reminds me when her bedtime routine has not been completed. Now she is excited to feed the gerbils everyday by herself, where as before, it was an argument. It worked because I stopped hounding and added on individual rewards for her to make it more fun.

So remember, to be a good manager first and lead by example, and your family will fall in behind you, willing and eager to help.

You can't do it all and no one is expecting you to. Once your kids are old enough to reach the dial on the washer and dryer without a chair they are old enough to learn to do their own laundry. It's a life lesson they will need when they go off to college, so take pride in knowing your preparing them for life on their own.

Until they can wash their own laundry, make a rule that any items not in the hamper by their designated laundry day, doesn't get done. Don't give in and pick up their laundry when you go for the basket on laundry day and refuse to argue with them when the item they want is not clean. Just wash whatever is in the hamaper. Once they run out of underwear or socks or want their favorite jeans that are dirty because they left them on the floor, and don't have them, they'll learn the lesson, and will put their laundry in the hamper for wash day. It helps if you establish a rule they they cannot wear dirty smelly clothes out of the house though, as some kids will just wear it dirty anyway!

This is not being mean, this is just natural consequences and an easy non argumentative way to have them learn a house rule.(psst! it usually works on husband’s too)

BE a manager people like to work for

No one likes a nagging boss, or a nit picky manager

Lower your stress by making a pact with your self to stop nagging. No yelling at them to pick up the laundry because your doing it now, or anything, just wash whatever is in the hamper and put it on their bed to put away when your finished. A nice reminder on a post it note the night before on their bedroom door can be considerate, or discuss it at dinner the night before when looking over your tasks for the next day. That night as part of their evening routine, they can be sure to pick up their laundry so you'll be able to wash it for them in the morning.

What the eyes don't see the heart don't feel

I'm not sure where that saying really came from but my dad said it often as I was growing up, and it is true.

For your own piece of mind, make a new rule today.

The kid’s bedroom door must be closed.

It takes stress off of you seeing it when you walk past to go to the bathroom. It may seem silly to be saying out of sight out of mind when your trying to get the house organized, but it really does help lessen your stress, and improves your relationship with them because your not nagging them every time you see it, to clean it up.

Also, with this rule, have a rule that no food or drink is allowed in the bedrooms so you won't find green science experimental looking leftovers under the bed. But other then that, let them be responsible for their own room. It is, after all, their own space, let them decide how they want to live in it.

My mother says now that she wishes she had of nagged less about the condition of my bedroom growing up… I do too, because it was a real sore point for both of us all through my teen years.

Be patient, and in time they will see how much easier life is while following CleanHome and will ask for help, or do it on their own. When that happens you can help them with the Room Sweep technique, and help them make a weekly routine for maintaining their room, too.

Inform the Team & Prepare for Slip Ups

Once you set out your CleanHome Schedule, and have been doing it for a week, a family meeting might be in order, or if you have teenagers, an email to their address might be more helpful for them to listen.

Explain their part of the new routine to them, and give them the rules to your individual new laundry system and the new bedroom rules. (Door closed, no food and drinks in the room and the clothes in the hamper)

Don't waste your time explaining the whole system to them or go into details about changing your mindset because some webpage on the internet told you to. They may get overwhelmed thinking you want them to change completely. That or they’ll tell you your just as crasy as the chick on the webpage! ( It’s ok though…we know they difference, but people like their comfort zones and will argue if your trying to push them out of them, so go gentle on them).

You can't expect to start the CleanHome system and not have family members thinking you've lost your mind, or been replaced by an alien mom, so don't fret when they start saying so. It is bound to happen, because with your new mindset and plan, you stopped the fighting and nagging to get help and just started doing it yourself, and they WILL think you've lost your mind at first.

You can't really blame them. They, as well as yourself are used to the chaos you've been living in, even if it is stressful. It is a comfort zone. It is what they've known up until this point, so It will take some time to get used to a new setting, and new attitude from you.

Don't let that get to you, and don't get discouraged when you fall off the CleanHome wagon. Everyone falls off now and again. They trick is,to dust yourself off and just jump back on. Admit your mistake, and keep going. It's a great lesson for your kids to see you learning. Don’t let you hubby get to you when he asks " what happend to your CleanHome Program you were following?" if you fall off the wagon, just say.. "I slipped up, but I'm getting back to it now. Thanks for the reminder hon!" and let it go . Don’t get defensive or pick on him for the unfinished projects in the garage or basement, just thank him for the reminder. You might need to be prepared to pick his chin up out of his lap when you respond this way, but that’s a good thing, It shows him your serious about this change and he’ll grow to like this new CleanHome executive in you.

I know your wondering why there is a day for the kid's rooms on your daily Room Sweep list, if I'm telling you to close their doors and ignore it.

This Room Sweep day in kids rooms are for the kids that are too young to do it all alone. You're going to teach them the Room Sweep Technique before they get to be the older child, who's door you keep shut.

Telling a kid to "go clean their room" usually is not productive. They end up playing in their rooms and making a bigger mess. But if you take the supplies they need, and tell them one task at a time what to do, while you sit there with them talking, you will see improvement in their rooms, and they will like it just as much as you do. Make it fun, sing songs and take breaks that fit your child's age and attention span.

Do the Room Sweep technique with them for a few minutes on that day each week. This takes dedication on your part as well, but over time they will see how your doing on the rest of the house and see how great it feels to have done it themselves in their room. You'll need to do less supervision and guiding as time goes on.

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