Mama Ril’s Biography

Mama Ril is the Director of The Nurtured Mother Website and author/creator of the CleanHome/CleanBody Principle/CleanLove-Mindful Marriage philosophies.

She is a dedicated wife, best friend and caregiver to her disabled husband of 8 years and a home schooling mom to her two children. She and her family live in in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Mama Ril has been studying and following the eightfold path of Buddhism and the teachings of Buddha for over 7 years. She strives to live a mindful life, respecting the interconnectedness between thought, speech, action and consequence.

With this philosophy, Ril is a motivational speaker and life coach to women who are struggling in life to gain peace, lessen stress and manage their lives ( and homes) better. She speaks to mothers of young children struggling to balance out new responsibilities, caregiver spouses, and people living with ADHD, and people living with disabilities.

"Buddhism is a great philosophy, followed by many people of many religious backgrounds." says Ril.

"I believe it has many lessons to teach humanity, and one need not be Buddhist to gain the peace and understanding that being mindful has to offer."

"I don't seek to convert anyone to Buddhism, I seek to share the lessons I have learned in my lifetime that studying Buddhism has revealed to me. With that, I hope that people will gain some peace and understanding about their own lives, and end the chaos and stress they have allowed to build up and consume them." Says Ril.

"I'm not perfect, and my home is not spotless. I still learn daily as living mindfully is an ongoing journey, not a destination."

"It may sound cliché to say make lemonade when your given lemons, but it is a life truth. You can't avoid adversity and challenges in life, but you can avoid being a victim to it." Ril adds.

Prior to becoming a mother in 2000, Mama Ril worked with mentally and physically challenged adults for L'arche Cape Breton . During her time there, she gained an understanding of selfless human kindness, unconditional love and complete acceptance.

"Through their willingness to love me (in spite of all my flaws), I not only saw past their physical and mental limitations, but I also saw myself beyond my own and learned to love myself unconditionally as well." Says Ril, of her time there.

"It prepared me to be the mother and wife I am today. I learned to see the world through clearer eyes with joy and simplicity, which continues on with my children. My time there made me a better, more patient person, and for that I am forever indebted to the residents and assistants at L'arche Cape Breton."

When she is not busy running her home, caring for her family or coaching others, Ril can be found expanding her knowledge as a herbalist, gardening, sewing, singing, playing guitar and laughing with her children and husband.

Ril is also a natural childbirth, breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting educator and is looking to further her education in the area of psychology.

The CleanHome Seminar

Rilla's CleanHome Seminar is a one of a kind event that can be custom-designed to meet your needs. Seminars can be scheduled for a half-day ( 4 hours) or full-day ( 7 hours) sessions. Sessions can be scheduled according to your needs.

From large groups setting to smaller more intimate settings just sitting in a circle, Ril will talk about how she lessened the stress in her hectic life through positive thinking. She will show you how to have more time and energy to enjoy life, get more organized, and have a healthier family and happier home, by starting with you and your own internal dialogue.

Ril is happy to be a keynote or guest speaker at your conference/meeting as well, and can speak passionately on the following topics:
•Applying the CleanHome© Program to your life
•Being a caregiver to a disabled spouse, and applying the CleanLove© technique to your relationship.
•Being An Adult with ADHD, overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
•Being a parent of a child with Learning Disabilities/Sensory Integration Dysfunction and homeschooling.
•Applying the Buddhist philosophy to today's busy life as a mother and wife.
•Applying the CleanBody© Principles to your life and losing the unwanted weight successfully for good..

•Many parenting subjects covered under natural pregnancy and birthing options. Post partum health, early infant care seminars and attachment/natural parenting.

Interested in organising a Seminar or having Ril as a speaker at your next meeting/conference? Email Ril

Telephone or Live Chat Coaching

Even with so much information at your hands for free on this site, If your still feeling overwhelmed, and don't know where to start, you can hire Ril as your personal one on one coach.

Together you and Ril will talk about your lifestyle, demands, and current obsticles and other information, and help you work out a preliminary CleanHome© Plan for you that will get you started.

Once you schedule you're session, and make your online payment. You and Ril will have a phone or Chat session. ( Ril will call YOU anywhere in Continental USA or Canada for a phone session! All you pay is the session fee.) Live Chat sessions on Yahoo, MSN, mIRC, or ICQ are options for anyone interested in individual coaching outside of USA and Canada.

Session prices will vary depending on your needs and program you chose. An hour session is just $10.00 Canadian, and will get you started. Get discounted fees for ongoing coaching of one or two sessions a week for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. Email for a price quote.

testimonials for personal coaching sessions

"Wow! I can't thank you enough for what, I'm sure, took you a long time to think out and plan for my family and I! This sounds so much easier than anything else I've tried before. I'm excited to get started! "-Diane, New Jersey ( a single CleanHome " get started" chat session.)

"Hi Ril, Thank you SO much for taking the time to fit in an emergency session with me to help write a list of things not to forget for my business trip. I was so stressed i couldn’t even think straight to get started!! It really helped. THANK YOU , THANK YOU. I'm finally all packed and ready to go now with everything at the door. Now I can get some sleep!" -Jen, Toronto Canada. ( Adult ADHD coaching client)

Interested in one on one Coaching?Email Ril