Seasonal to do lists and getting organized

If you start doing the seasonal check lists as those seasons come up, you will find yourself instantly organized next year! I know that seems like a long time away, but it organizes you now, and for later as well.

Think about how long it took you to find the Christmas lights and decorations last year when you had them all over the place.

Think about how long you spent looking for the basket ball and bike helmets last summer, instead of riding the bike, or playing a game of 21. Think of how many arguments out of frustration you've had with your spouse because you could not find the things you needed to hang the holiday lights.

Think about how much time you'll save trying to sort through your closet or dressers looking for summer clothes, because your winter clothes are in the way. Think about how many arguments you've had with your kids about wearing shorts in the winter, because they were available for them to wear, rather then saving the argument by sorting them and packing them away for the off season back in late September when they could not be worn anymore.

How do I know all this? Because I've been there!


Outside Around The House:

•Schedule a family garage/shed clean-out weekendGet rid of the junk, and broken crap, create efficient storage for sporting goods, camping equipment, recreational vehicles, and garden tools. You'll have the jump on summer fun!

•Store away winter sports gear-skis, skates, sleds etc.

•Inspect, clean and set up- Get out the outdoor furniture and the BBQ. Check the BBQ tank for safety and have it filled for the season.

•Inspect the house exterior and grounds. Make a list of any needed seasonal maintenance. Clear away any remaining dead foliage and weeds from beds and lawn, and the gutters.

•Inspect the roof for winter damage: leaks, missing or broken shingles or tiles. Arrange for any needed repairs early; roofing contractors can be hard to find during summer's construction season.

•Clean out the car of winter itemsBox and store away such things as scrapers and your winter car safety kit and rubber snow mats. Do a good car wash, inside and out to wash off all the salt from the winter roads.

Check out our section on making emergency kits for your car and home. HERE

Inside Around the House

•Write in your day planner when the clocks go ahead so you don’t forget!!

•Check your smoke detector -Change the batteries and make sure your fire extinguishers are charged.
•Changing seasons means changing clothes. Start bringing out warm-weather clothing. Sort your winter clothing for discards and donations as you wash them. Put away winter items in storage.

•Wash windows inside and out. Open the windows of the first warm days and air out the house of dust and old tired winter energy.

•Bring out Spring decorations from storage and decorate for spring/easter. ( start collecting or making some seasonal decorations if you don't have any yet. Go on, don't roll your eyes, it's fun, and it need not be elaborate.)

•Put down matsoutside the doors for muddy boots, and inside to collect dirt.

•Shut down dryer and start hanging clothes outside to dry.


Summer is a relaxed time of the year. A time to have fun, and enjoy the great weather.

Busy families don't have much time for home chores these months, but still, your home will run smoother if you keep on top of these tasks around the house.

•Think ahead to fall. Schedule furnace maintenance for August and beat the October rush. You'll be snug and warm that first cold night without issues.

•Keep an eye on repairs needed on decks, siding and trim. Does the house need trim and touch up paint jobs. Plan a weekend to do it or hire some student workers to do it for you.

•Do safety inspections of children's outdoor play equipment. Tighten loose bolts and cover with plastic protectors.

Inside the house

•Update the first aid kit for summer's little medical emergencies. Give your outdated medications back to the pharmacy for safe disposal (do not flush them!) Make sure the first aid kit has ample adhesive bandages for scrapes, calamine lotion for insect bites, hot/cold packs for strains or sprains, as well as aloe vera gel for sunburns and sunscreen to prevent them.

Check out our section on making emergency kits for your car and home. HERE

• Plan ahead for vacations -If your going on vacation make sure to get a trusty friend or neighbour to water your plants. Make arrangements for pet sitting, and put your newspapers on hold while you’re gone. Piled up newspapers can give criminals an idea that your house is empty and make it "break in" friendly. If you’re gone for a few weeks, make arrangements to have a neighbourhood child mow your lawn once a week as well.

•Inspect your doors and windows Summer is open-door season, so be sure your doors and windows open smoothly. Grab a bottle of WD-40 and some rags. Spray the tracks generously and let sit for a few minutes to soften.

•Check washing machine hoses. Replace them if you find cracks or bulges

•Check dryer vents. Since your hanging laundry to dry this season, now is a good time to clean out the excess dryer lint in the vent from the back of the dryer to the outside. If your vent outside has a broken flap, replace it, this is a perfect place for squirrels and mice to find their way in. Replace the hose too if you find cracks as well.

• Hold a garage sale! It is perfect garage sale season! Declutter the house and get your garage sale stash out of the basement.


It's time to wind down from the Summer, and get ready for the fall.

•Write in your day planner when the clocks go back so you don’t forget!!

•Check your smoke detector -Change the batteries and make sure your fire extinguishers are charged.

Outside around the House
(Delegate to spouse or older child for some of these tasks)

•Put away summer things outdoor lawn ornaments, gardening hoses and equipment, furniture, toys and sports equipment for next spring. Box the accessories like knee pads and helmets etc. and put them away with the bikes when they go away for the winter.

• It's Pool closing time if you have one!! Don't put it off until the first day it snows and it's so cold you freeze your butt off out there! Do it the by the third weekend in September.

• Turn off your outdoor water spouts from the sources in the basement to prevent freezing through the cold season.

•Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary. Also check furnace filters if you have not done so already. (Fire prevention! Homelessness is COLD in February!)

•Pull out rakes and set aside. Buy leaf bags for curb-side pickup if your area does this.

•Check gutters for fallen leaves, seal windows for winter.

•Pull out holiday lights and ladder and put them up in the better weather (Then you just need to plug them in during the holidays! Planning ahead saves time and cold fingers, and slipping on icy ladder rungs)

•Get out fall and winter car kit (safety kit, scrapers, shovels, salt, sand etc) Set it aside in the shed/garage for easy access when you’ll need them soon.

Check out our section on making emergency kits for your car and home. HERE

•Do a pre snow Preparation-Find and set aside in your porch or shed, your drive & walk way shovels, salt and sand if needed)

•Decorate for Halloween & Thanksgiving (These were stored in your FALL DECORATIONS box in the attic/basement if you've been following CleanHome for more then a year. If not, once the season is over, get a box and pack them away and label them well after you take them down this year and store them for next year.)

Inside around the house

•Cover your windows and patio doorsBy the middle of November plan to have your windows covered with plastic for cold rooms, or rooms facing the prevailing wind. This will help keep your house warmer and save on heating bills.

•Put away summer clothing Pack away coats & shoes in a SUMMER outer clothes box. Pull out “Mittens/scarves/hat” box from storage for front hall/porch (stored in your FALL/WINTER OUTDOOR Clothes box in the attic/basement.) If they are scattered everywhere, find them and make a vow that once you finish with them in spring you’ll put them in a box when you do your Spring Checklist this season’s end and store them for the next year)

•Decorate for Halloween & Thanksgiving ( go ahead it gets you in a good mood)

•Start sorting and packing away summer clothes like shorts and shirts etc. As you wash them on each person’s wash day, box the summer seasonal clothes for each person in separate boxes with their name on them. Mark them clearly and store away in the bedroom closets of each person. Throw in cedar balls and/or fabric softener sheets in the boxes too so you won't have to rewash them next summer. As you sort them for packing, throw out any summer clothes that are stained, ripped or too small for next season and not hand me downs for the next child.) Perhaps start a rag box for the garage?

•Pull out fall clothes ( sweaters, pants, long sleeve shirts, shoes etc.)

•Donate- If you’re donating outgrown seasonal clothes, bag them and drop them off on your next errand day or trip out.

•Pull out winter coats and boots for the upcoming weather, so your not flustered the morning of the first snow fall and your late for school/work. Hang them in the coat closet and the switch over to cooler weather will be smooth.

•Start planning the kids Halloween outfits for purchase or making in late September early October, so you're not buying the last minute leftovers on the rack 2 days before Halloween.


Winter, a "hibernation" season for around the house. If you prepared well through the fall months, you'll have less to do when the cold and snowy weather comes in.

Prepare for the snowing season with:

•Snow shovels/preparing the snow blower

•De-icing compound, salt and sand for the walkway.

•Waterproof floor mats in the car.

•Pull out the skis and skates and toboggans so you can enjoy the snow when it starts to fall. Put them to the front of your garage/shed, so they are easy to get at.

•If you prepared a head you already have your winter coats and mitts out and ready to go when you need them. Now pack away your fall used items and sports equipment.

•Put away your fall decorations and start gearing up for the Winter Holiday seasons.

Check out our section on crafts and preparing for the holidays HERE

•Pull out comfy quilts or afghans for the couch for snuggling on cold winter nights.

•Pull out the slippers and warmer blankets and sheets for the beds.

•Plan to stock your cupboards with canned foods, dry goods and large bulk foods you use a lot of. This way winter grocery shopping can be faster and smaller orders that are easier to pick up on the way home and haul into the house.

•Buy lots of flour, dried goods such as rice and beans, large bags of potatoes, canned foods like veggies, and tomatoes etc, ( if you don't do canning and gardening). Now your grocery orders can just be mostly fresh veggies from the produce department, bread and milk, and other quick small items and lunchbox snacks and meats for the week.

Outside around the house

Just daily maintenance of keeping the walkway clear and de-iced for safety is your winter tasks outside the house, that and building the winter ice rink in the back yard for the kids, if your blessed with cold winters and the space like we are.

Please check out our section on making emergency kits for your car for the winter monthsHERE

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