Got the CAT scan done

June 2nd, 2008

I’ve been so busy I have been unable to blog this yet…I got the CAT scan on Friday. The procedure itself was pretty fast. it took them longer to get the IV in my arm for the dye they use to take the images of your brain.

I have terrible veins, they like to collapse from a needle and I often have to be picked many time for it to take. Even to give blood for tests I have to have a butterfly in the underside of my arm rather then in the crook of the elbow.

They warned me that the dye could make you feel flushed and like you peed your pants, but I felt none of those effects…I did feel cramping in my legs and some dizziness the next day as the dye was leaving my system, which is weird, but hubby thinks it may be because I spent the entire day after the scan walking around shopping for groceries and the like, and then hauling 4 large spring water jugs getting our drinking water from the spring we go to….he thinks the dye must have settled in my lower extremities. It seems plausible since they did warn of cramps and muscle spasms and dizziness. I seem to never have the symptoms they say things will cause. I always get the weird , lest expected ones.

Anyway…they said results take about a week and a half to 2 and a half weeks. So I’m still playing the waiting game.

heres a pic I tried to grab of my arm with my daughters camera to show the bruise…it is VERY tender and sore. It’s about 3 inches long, and the white spot in the middle is the injection site that didn’t bruise, but has a small scab. the iv was BIG.. YUCK!


Little tree frog

June 2nd, 2008

we caught a little tree frog. I was outside using the power saw chopping up a dead cheery tree and there he was sitting on a branch I was about to saw. He came about an inch from becoming frog guts! I ran inside and grabbed an empty jar and caught him, and he is now residing in our terrarium we made a few years back for a stick bug who has since crocked ( no pun intended)

we have not named him yet, and are not sure how long we’ll keep him.. but we are  keeping him for right now to study him and so hubby can take some pictures of him.

He’s rather cute.


The Gray tree frog (Hyla versicolor) is a species of small arboreal frog native to much of the United States and into Canada. It is sometimes referred to as the North American common tree frog.


As their species name Hyla versicolor implies, gray tree frogs are highly variable in color. In their natural habitat, possible colors include gray, yellow, brown and green. The degree of mottling also varies. They can change from nearly black to nearly white. They change colors more slowly than a chameleon. Dead gray tree frogs and ones in unnatural surroundings are predominantly gray in color. They are relatively small compared to other North American frog species, typically attaining no more than 1.5 to 2 inches (4cm to 5cm) in length. Their skin has a lumpy texture to it, giving them a warty appearance.

Tadpoles have a rounded body (as opposed to the more elongated bodies of stream species) with a high, wide tail that can be colored red if predators are in the system. Metamorphosis can occur in as little as 2 months with optimal conditions. At metamorphosis, the new froglets will almost always turn green for a day or two before changing to the more common gray. Young frogs will also sometimes maintain a light green color and turn gray or darker green after reaching adulthood.

Geographic range

Gray tree frogs inhabit a wide range, and can be found in most of the eastern half of the United States, as far west as central Texas. They also range into Canada in the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, with an isolated population in New Brunswick.


Gray tree frogs are primarily arboreal, spending time in wooded areas, usually not far from a permanent water source. On rainy evenings they can often be found calling in or near shallow, temporary pools of water, and often in your swimming pool . They are nocturnal and insectivorous, consuming most any small arthropod they can catch. They will also eat algae if readily available. Mating occurs throughout the spring and summer months.They also will change colors, as in a light green to a gray, to match their habitat.

In captivity

Wild caught gray treefrogs are frequently found in the pet trade. They make excellent, undemanding captives. A moderately humid vivarium of live plants is generally quite adequate to house them, along with a varied diet of commercially available crickets, small moths, caterpillars, mealworms, flies, spiders and other insects. Be sure to provide a source of water for your tree frog or mist frequently to keep the skin moist. These pets are common in and around the Oklahoma and Missouri region, and are nocturnal like many other tree frogs.

More about Wendy Portillo’s Psychological Mob Lynching of a 5 Year Old

May 26th, 2008

Link over to this blog to get links to form letters and addresses you can send to the principal, the school board, the media and more…the mother is also in the comments section thanking people for their love and support and talking about Alex.

Portillo Mrs. Wendy Portillo is a Kindergarten teacher at Morningside Elementary, in Port St. Lucie Florida. On Wednesday April 21st, 2008, Mrs. Portillo likely caused permanent emotional scarring of one of her 5 year old students. In a story by Colleen Wixon of the TCPalm, Mrs. Portillo led her class in a “Survivor” type vote to exclude Alex Barton from the class. The 5 year old was placed in front of the class and each student was allowed to say what they didn’t like about Alex (reportedly telling Alex he was disgusting and annoying) and then a vote was taken on whether Alex should be allowed to be included in the classroom or not. By a 14 to 2 margin, the students voted Alex out of the class. He was then sent to the nurse’s office. When Alex’s mother, Melissa Barton came to pick him up, she found Alex “shaken-up”.

The following night (Thursday), Alex’s mother, Melissa, overheard Alex saying “I’m not special” over and over again. According to his mother, Alex is reliving the incident. Mrs. Barton stated “He was incredibly upset” and “The only friend he has ever made in his life was forced to do this”.

One fact that makes what Ms. Portillo did especially egregious is that since February, Ms. Portillo has known that Alex was undergoing an evaluation by the school system in Port St. Lucie for a disability covered under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (”IDEA”). The IDEA is a law ensuring that students with disabilities receive services throughout the nation. Alex was being evaluated for possibly having Asperger’s Syndrome, one of the five pervasive developmental disorders associated with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The IDEA requires that the school system evaluate the child and if found to have a covered disability, an IEP (Individual Education Program) is to be created by a team. The team consists of the child’s teacher (for Alex it was Ms. Portillo), a special education teacher, parents, and the school’s specialized professionals such as a speech pathologist, occupational therapists etc. According to reports, Ms. Portillo had been participating with the IEP team since Alex was identified as a child possibly covered under IDEA.

Alexbarton I find it incredible that Ms. Portillo, knowing that Alex most likely had a disability affecting his ability to communicate and socialize in a typical way, would nonetheless do exactly what is possibly the worst thing she could do and that is to subject him to public humiliation and to teach the other children the dynamics and acceptability of a mob bullying. Even if Alex didn’t have a disability, the implications of what Ms. Portillo did is nothing short of outrageous. What she did was aggressive and anti-social. She used her authority to organize what was essentially a psychological mob lynching of a five year old.

Mrs. Barton has attempted to find redress with Morningside Elementary’s resource officer. According to Michelle Steele, the spokeswoman of the Port St. Lucie Department, an investigation was done and the state attorney’s office concluded the matter did not meet the criteria for emotional child abuse!


Violations of Florida’s Child Abuse Law

According to Florida law code 39.202, 205; 39.201; 39.01 (2), emotional abuse is defined as “Willful or threatened act resulting in physical, mental, or sexual injury or harm, causing or likely to cause impairment of physical, mental or emotional health”. Apparently, the state attorney felt that marching a 5 year old in front of a class to allow his classmates to denigrate him and then to exclude him from the learning environment was neither “willful” on Ms. Portillo’s part nor likely to cause an emotional impairment for Alex. How the state’s attorney came to that conclusion is simply mind boggling. The facts are that a public humiliation of a small child occurred, the child was “shaken up” and unable to attend the school and was heard repeating “I’m not special” which indicates to me that he has internally processed the exact message Ms. Portillo intended (i.e. that he is not a good person). Ms. Portillo has created a hostile environment for Alex in his classroom and thus I believe has created a “willful act resulting in mental harm and causing an impairment of emotional health”.

Violations of Florida law HB 669

On April 30, 2008, the governor of Florida signed into law an anti-bully measure titled HB 669-School Safety, Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act”. I believe Ms. Portillo has violated the following sections of this law: According to section 1006.147 (2), (2a) (3a), Florida Statutes, Bullying and Harrassment of any student or school employee of a public K-12 educational institution is prohibited; (2a) During any education program or actiity conducted by a public k-12 educational institution is prohibited; (2b) During any school-related or school-sponsored program or activity or on a school bus of a public K-12 educational institution; (3) (3a) For purposes of this section (a) bullying means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students and may involve: Teasing; Social Exclusion: Threat, Intimidation: Stalking: Physical violence: Theft: Sexual or racial harassment: Public Humiliation; or Destruction of property; (3b) Harrassment means any threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture including written and verbal conduct directed against a student or school employee that: 1. Places a student or school employee in reasonable fear of harm to his or her person; 2 Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operaton of a school. The definitions for bullying and harassment included in HB 669 that Ms. Portillo is likely to have commented are the following: in section (3d) include 2. “Perpetuation of conducted listed in paragraph (a) or paragraph (b) by an individual or group with intent to demean, dehumanize, embarrass, or cause physical harm to a student or school employee, by incitement or coercion and 4. “Acting in a manner that has an effect substantially similar to the effect of bullying or harassment.”

The following facts are clear and not in contention according to the TCPalm report. Ms. Portillo, admitted that she held Alex out in front of the class ( 2a: during any education program or activity and incitement or coercion), encouraged his classmates to participate in an exercise to cause public humiliation (by asking the students to identify him in derogatory ways) in violation of 3a (inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students), 3b (Harrassment means any threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture including written and verbal conduct directed against a student) and 4 (Acting in a manner that has an effect substantially similar to the effect of bullying or harassment). Finally, Ms. Portillo allowed the “mob” she created to exclude Alex from an appropriate educational setting in violation of 3b2 (has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s educational performance, opportunities, or benefits).

In a review of how HB 669 defines bullying (means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students), Ms. Portillo seems to have violated nearly half of the 10 definitions of bullying in HB 669. She committed the following in accordance with the definition:

1. Teasing
2. Social exclusion
4. Intimidation
9. Public humiliation

Investigators should look into whether she has chronically committed acts listed above more than once in order to establish a violation under the definition. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that she has.

It’s unfortunate that Ms. Portillo’s acts didn’t occur after he was formally identified as qualifying under IDEA because she has violated multiple rules under the IDEA.

Violation of Port St. Lucie’s Mission Statement

The St. Lucie County Public Schools has a mission statement and it explicitly states: “The schools of the St. Lucie County School District in partnership with parents and community will become premier centers of knowledge that are organized around students and the work provided to them. St. Lucie County School District’s name will be synonymous with the continuously improving student achievement and the success of each individual. Our school district’s promise is to move from good to great focusing on our core business, the creation of challenging, engaging and satisfying work for every stuent, every day. This is the St. Lucie way!” Somehow I doubt the school system would consider the actions of Ms. Portillo (creating a humiliating and dehumanizing environment for a kindergartener and subjecting him to the “mob” mentality) is in accordance with the school system’s mission statement.

Violation of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

I must say though that Alex’s rights under the Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) were apparently violated by the school district itself. FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records and applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. According to TCPalm’s report, the school resource officer Michelle Steele released some of Alex’s personal education records when she stated “Steele said the boy had been sent to the principal’s office because of disciplinary issues.” This is information that would be a part of his school records and thus protected under FERPA.

If the school district cannot abide by Federal Law itself, what can possibly be expected of them to hold Ms. Portillo accountable? Time will tell. The initial response has been rather bland and unextraordinary.

The Digital Journal highlights an important question in this case when they ask:

“Exactly what is being taught when a child - any child- is verbally attacked by classmates and then excluded? This is the mentality of reality television shows, and has no place in school. Deliberately subjecting a child to verbal abuse and rejection is a violation of the trust that teachers are given by parents, a violation of the most basic ethics we expect from anyone who has children under their care.”

It’s not unusual for autistic people to suffer from abuse and bullying, in fact it’s the norm. When it comes at the hands of a trusted public servant such as a teacher, it’s doubly hurtful because we expect an adult to know better. But when a teacher solicits participation of a group of 5 year olds in what is essentially a psychological mob lynching, one can legitimately conclude that this person should not be around any children at all. She “raped” a child of his dignity and has created an atmosphere of exclusion, intimidation and fear. This type of act on the part of Ms. Portillo shouldn’t be allowed to happen again and anyone who cares about the psychological lives of children should demand her immediate and unconditional resignation. If she refuses, she should be fired. There should be no second chances in a situation such as this.

If you would like to send a message to the school board, the principal, the county school system, the media, and the Florida State’s Attorney, I have created a customized letter that you can use by clicking on the links below. You can modify it to your liking. Let’s send a message that no second chances are warranted in this situation.
Download SchoolPrincipal.doc email is
Download SchoolSuperintendent.doc email is
Download SchoolBoardChairman.doc email is
Download St.LucieStatesAttorney.doc
Download WFLXnews.doc email is
Download WPTVnews.doc email is
Download WPBFnews.doc

This is the kind of crap going on in the school system that makes me Homeschool

May 26th, 2008

Teacher lets students vote out classmate, 5

This crap makes me FURIOUS!!!!! are teachers not supposed to teach acceptance of differences? A clear case of child abuse that this poor sweet child will no doubt live over again and again in his mind, and will likely affect his self esteem for a LONG time if not the rest of his life.

I would go so far as to say this was a case of “organized bullying” lead by the teacher, she should have been fired already!!!
That poor sweet beautiful boy!!!


Alex Barton

Photo provided by the family

Alex Barton




— Melissa Barton said she is considering legal action after her son’s kindergarten teacher led his classmates to vote him out of class.

After each classmate was allowed to say what they didn’t like about Barton’s 5-year-old son, Alex, his Morningside Elementary teacher Wendy Portillo said they were going to take a vote, Barton said.

By a 14 to 2 margin, the students voted Alex — who is in the process of being diagnosed with autism — out of the class.

Melissa Barton filed a complaint with Morningside’s school resource officer, who investigated the matter, Port St. Lucie Department spokeswoman Michelle Steele said. But the state attorney’s office concluded the matter did not meet the criteria for emotional child abuse, so no criminal charges will be filed, Steele said.

Port St. Lucie Police no longer are investigating, but police officials are documenting the complaint, she said.

Steele said the teacher confirmed the incident took place.

Portillo could not be reached for comment Friday.

Steele said the boy had been sent to the principal’s office because of disciplinary issues. When he returned, Portillo made him go to the front of the room as a form of punishment, she said.

Barton said her son is in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism. Alex began the testing process in February at the suggestion of Morningside Principal Marcia Cully.

Children diagnosed with Asperger’s often exhibit social isolation and eccentric behavior..

Alex has had disciplinary issues because of his disability, Barton said. After the family moved into the area and Alex and his sibling arrived at the school in January, Alex spent much of the time in the principal’s office, she said.

He also had problems at his last school, but he did not have issues during his two years of preschool, Barton said.

School and district officials have met with Barton and her son to create an individual education plan to address his difficulties, she said. Portillo attended these meetings, Barton said.

Barton said after the vote, Portillo asked Alex how he felt.

“He said, ‘I feel sad,’ ” Barton said.

Alex left the classroom and spent the rest of the day in the nurse’s office, she said.

Barton said when she came to pick up her son at the school Wednesday, he was leaving the nurse’s office.

“He was shaken up,” she said.

Barton said the nurse told her to talk with Portillo, who told her what happened.

Alex hasn’t been back to school since then, and Barton said he won’t be returning. He starts screaming when she brings him with her to drop off his sibling at school.

Thursday night, his mother heard him saying “I’m not special” over and over.

Barton said Alex is reliving the incident.

The other students said he was “disgusting” and “annoying,” Barton said.

“He was incredibly upset,” Barton said. “The only friend he has ever made in his life was forced to do this.”

St. Lucie School’s spokeswoman Janice Karst said the district is investigating the incident, but could not make any further comment.

Vern Melvin, Department of Children and Families circuit administrator, confirmed the agency is investigating an allegation of abuse at Morningside but said he could not elaborate.

but wait…. it gets EVEN WORSE…

According to another article on the 8th of may by the same website, it would seem that this teacher, Wendy Portello, is a COACH for a school competition.

“The competition is all about being part of a team, about encouraging others on to do their very best.”

“It’s a mountain of work for everyone concerned, according to Wendy Portillo, a five-year team coach and teacher at Morningside….”

SICK, just SICK.. This woman COACHES children in a competition to work as a team and do their very best and then treats a child in her class this way!  Can they NOT see the issue with this?

She needs to be fired, charged with child abuse, and on more then one count, because not only did she harm Alex’s self esteem, but she is leading children in her class to think it is acceptable to do this kind of thing.

She ENCOURAGED and LEAD them with her authority over them to tell a child why they didn’t like him, and take a vote to cast him out like it was a game of survivor.

She publicly embarrassed and ridiculed him for  being different and for what our society considers a disability. And she lead a bullying session  in this situation. If a student in a class room did this while the teacher was out of the classroom it would be considered bullying…but because she is the teacher it is not?

Anthony Westbury: It takes money to travel on an Odyssey


They’re almost halfway. Just another $6,000 to go.

If students, parents and teachers at Morningside Elementary School in Port St. Lucie can raise $10,000, they’ll be able to complete their odyssey.

They won the state championships against teams from as far away as Key West, and now the third- through fifth-graders of Morningside’s “DinoStories” team are headed to the world championships of Odyssey of the Mind at the University of Maryland.

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving competition, now in its 29th year, and this is big stuff. Thousands of students from more than 28 countries take part.

The PSL third- through fifth-graders (Shannon Johannes, McKensey Barnes, Benjamin Johnson, William Clarizio, Zubayr Portillo, Ben Meyer and Hikaru Kurasawa) have just eight minutes to impress a panel of judges.

Their humorous stage performance about the demise of the dinosaurs is science with a twist. They wrote the script, built an array of elaborate props (including a self-filling water tank), they’ve created the costumes, all to a tight budget.

The competition is all about being part of a team, about encouraging others on to do their very best. It’s about endurance and creativity, about being able to think on your feet and it teaches students all those skills while also having lots of fun.

It’s a mountain of work for everyone concerned, according to Wendy Portillo, a five-year team coach and teacher at Morningside, but the students lap it up.

“They’ve been working on this since October, meeting once or twice a week at first,” and then more frequently as the May 31-June 4 world championships loom nearer, Portillo explained. “The kids can’t do any other after-school activities if they’re in Odyssey of the Mind. There’s just no time for soccer or anything else. It takes a lot of sacrifice.”

Morningside has a tradition of doing well in Odyssey of the Mind, fellow longtime coach and teacher Robin Marmitt chimed in. She’s been running Odyssey for 10 years and has attended world championships in several states.

Everyone at Morningside has pitched in to raise funds for the DinoStories team. They’ve held bake sales, spaghetti dinners and a school dance. In the past, the school district has granted $3,500 per team to attend state and world competitions, but tight budgets have nixed that this year.

The $500 and $1,000 private sponsorships the school received in previous years have dried up, too, Portillo said.

So students and parents have done it themselves. So far they’ve come up with enough to pay for their accommodations and for materials they’ll need for the play. Now they need to raise the cash for 12 plane tickets ($470 for each parent-student couple) and other ground transportation, and they’d really like your help.

“But we’re still going, even if we come up short,” Marmitt and Portillo agreed with peals of laughter, “The rest will just have to go on someone’s credit card.”

As a homeschooler I’m offended, even if it doesn’t affect me.

May 24th, 2008

“Subway” is holding a contest for kids open to US residents only, so being Canadian it doesn’t affect my family, but as a homeschooler I’m still offended.

They are running a contest for kids and the rules specifically say that “no home schools will be accepted” in the contest.

This may be due to the prize being about $5000 worth of athletic equipment for their school if they win? But homeschoolers have associations that could utalize this kind of funding. This is a clear case of discrimination. I wonder is any American homeschooling associations will make a stink about it. Does HSLDA know about this? Would they make a public statement about it?

Does HSLDA know about this? Would they make a public statement about it? Can they do anything about this kind of stuff?
I for one, on principle am boycotting Subway restaurants. The Canadian stores are still a part of the American company running this contest. Every penny spent there makes the American head company/office a profit. I know because I used to be the assistant manager of one, the franchise fees are NUTS for Subway and they make you take all their franchisee training in the USA.
Kinda glad now that I never dared venture into opening one back in my early 20’s like I  considered, but dropped when I saw the amount of crap they wanted you to do on your own dime first BEFORE you got approved to open one.

Wii Fit Challenge:day 4

May 24th, 2008

just finished 30 minutes of aroebic exercise on the Wii fit. did the advanced step aroebics, a jogging session on short distance, some hoola hoops, and then to streatch I did some yoga poses as well.

The kids are having fun too, even my three year old loves it and likes to have a go at the jogging, because there are doggies in the park you jog through :)

I did my body test for the day and my BMI is down a few points and I’ve lost 3 pounds so far!
Still enjoying it and having fun with it :) I opened boxing this evening too and gave that a go.

Wii Fit Challenge:day 3

May 23rd, 2008

Just finished the third session of my wii fit challenge to lose 20 pounds playing a video game.

I love this thing! the games go by really fast…and I’m actually doing this in front of my husband!!! and am able to laugh and enjoy it. The kids love it too. I’ve got to hand it to Nintendo, they really got a winner here from what I can tell so far. Provided that fun doesn’t dwindle down fast. I think I could do this for a long period of time. I can’t wait to unlock the boxiing.

I would buy more advanced step aerobics and  snow baording game build on the SSX tricky idea.

Don’t know if I dare post before and after pictures of this journey, but I’ll keep tabs here as much as possible.

Along with doing Wii Fit every day for at least 20 minutes, I’m trying to intake more water, drink less carbonated beverages, and eat a breakfast, which I have a hard time doing since I usualy feel sick to my stomach for a good 2 hours in the morning when I wake up.

One of the funniest parts of the game is that any Mii’s you’ve greated for your games are right there in the games working along side you. There is something amusing and cute doing step aerobics alongside Buddha, Dr Phil, Hulk Hogan, Atomic Betty, and Captain Kirk :)

Be Wiily wiily careful if your out of practice

May 22nd, 2008

I was surprised that out Wii Fit sisn;t have the obligatory ” condult your phaciian” warning at the beginning of the game when you turn it on, but it was not deigned or made in North America, so perhaps that is why.

I’m betting good money that wii fit will have “consult your doctor” warning stickers put on all boxes in the near future, because you just KNOW some out of shape, overweight 57 year old is going to get one to get fit, and break a hip hoola hoopin on it!

I’m saying it here and now folks… how many hours since it North American Release before hospital ER’s will be reporting heart attacks and broken hips enduced from Wii Fit enthusatic out of shape people thinking they can just hop on and give it a go.

I’ve been cautioning my hubby to slow down an take it easy. It is just so fun, he’s done far too much on it in one day for his level f health right now. I’m sure he’s gonna be in a lot of pain tomorrow. They caution him to do 10 minutes a day to start due to his severe Fibromylgia… and he did about 37 minutes of Wii Fit activities today.

Go slow. Be Wiily careful to start :)

I’m wiily going to get fit now :)

May 22nd, 2008

Though I’ve been trying to eat well and follow my CleanBody program, I’ve been really bad at getting in enough exercise, and that’ REALLY an important part of it. it is hard to make time with young kids, but I think I’ve found the answer to that :)

Last night we went to a Zellers at midnight for the North American release of the Wii Fit game. We stood in line and got numbers and was the second of 8 to get one.

IT has been about 13 hours now since we’ve had it open and been playing around with it, and we ALL love it! I think it will really be beneficial for hubby and his health.

I’m going to keep track of the effects of Wii fit for our family.
I am a firm believer that the Wii is the best purchase we ever made :)

Here’s an article I wrote about it a while back.


I don’t get paid to say this.. but .. Buy a Wii!

Motherhood knows no boundaries when it comes to the children.

May 21st, 2008

PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION: Ms Jiang Xiaojuan is helping to nurse eight babies affected by the quake.

A Chinese policewoman is contributing to the country’s massive earthquake relief effort in a very personal way - by breast-feeding eight babies. A newspaper in Chengdu, the capital of quake-hit Sichuan province, yesterday devoted a special page to 29-year-old Jiang Xiaojuan, calling her a ‘hero’ while Web users hailed her as ‘the most beautiful mother’ in the world.

Ms Jiang, from the quake-ravaged town of Jiangyou, has just had a child herself, the Western Daily reported. She is breast-feeding the children of three women who have been left homeless by the quake and are too traumatised to nurse, as well as five orphans, the report said.

One mother, Ms Chen Tanghua, 36, said she has been unable to breast-feed her six-month-old son. He had been crying from hunger until Ms Jiang offered to breast-feed him.

The babies who lost their parents have been put in an orphanage which does not have powdered milk, the newspaper reported. It said Ms Jiang brushed off a reporter’s questions about her deed by saying: ‘All mothers love children. Nursing a few babies is no big deal.’


This woman is selfless and reminds me to be compasionate in my life to the other children around me. It warms my heart to see this!

Nameste Ms Chen Tanghua!