Overwhelmed by it all?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, CleanHome© can help you.

1.Are you tired of exhausting yourself daily trying to get the house clean?

2. Do you get started on a routine and then fall off the wagon, leaving yourself feeling defeated and depressed?

3.Do you get nothing done in your efforts to clean because there is TOO MUCH to do and you don't know where to start?

4. Do you find yourself sidetracked when working on one room, because you start cleaning in another room when you put stuff away from your original place you were cleaning?

5.Are you afraid to invite people over for fear of what they will think about your cluttered home??

6.Do you get discouraged feeling like you just get it finished and you turn around and it needs to be done all over again, so you just think "I won't bother" and just live with it?

7.Do you think you'll never have a clean home at the rate you’re going?

8.Do you wear yourself out every time you find out your getting company, trying to make your home look presentable?

9.Do you have a hard time relaxing in your home?

10.Do you find yourself apologising for the state of your home when someone stops by?

11.Do you spend their visits feeling restless like you want to clean up while they are there, or DO YOU clean up while they are there, because you cannot sit and relax because your "crap" ( can't really acheive peace) is bugging you?

12.Do you think you are destined to be a clutter-bug for the rest of your life, because you are certainly NOT a clean freak, and feel like you just can't find the middle ground?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then CleanHome© can help you.

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