Creating a Laundry System That works for YOU

The real magic of the CleanHome system is the laundry system, which was mentioned earlier in the getting started and crossroads sections.

If you have not done so yet, take a pen and paper and pick a day for laundry for each person/room in the house.

For example:

Monday is whites day, Tuesday is your husband's laundry day, Wednesday is sheets and towels day etc...

Now this may seem silly doing two loads for your husband on Tuesdays for his light and dark clothes, when you could combine people's clothes to make a "full" load, but a washer has a water setting so your not wasting water, and this will make your life so much simpler!

This is where you are going to get started with reclaiming your life and win the battle with always being behind on laundry.

First, put a laundry basket or hamper in each room for each person and one in a common area for towels and sheets.

The whites basket can be in the bathroom if there is room, or in a place where everyone can get at it. You can wash all the whites on the same day. Sorting socks and underwear go fast, as does folding white t- shirts etc. This goes fast because underwear does NOT need to be folded, regardless of what Martha Stewart says!

Now, on any given laundry day, grab that ONE basket/hamper for that day on the way to the laundry room and throw it in the wash. Don't forget to check the pockets for tissues to save time and aggravation picking off lint later. Sorting the darks from colors or lights is pretty easy to do right at wash time with one basket to do.

Throw it in and let it go... then go back to it later and hang them or throw them in the dryer. Once they are dry, fold them up and get them put away as soon as possible, but make it a rule that it gets done that day before bed, so you don't get behind.

NOW... this is where you save your time and energy with this system. You don't have to SORT in a million piles all over the couch and coffee table, because it is only your clothes, or your husband's clothes, or your son's clothes, and it all goes to the same room!

You can fold while watching your favourite afternoon tv show and be done with it. Put the basket on the stairs and next time your going up for another purpose take five minutes to put the laundry in the room it belongs in.

Stick the clean wash basket in the room on the bed for your older kids to put away for themselves, and if they chose to live out of the basket, then let them go ahead. You did your part. If they forgot a piece of clothes in the hamper to be washed, then it will get done next time, or on your "catch up "laundry day, if you have one. For smaller kids you can put the clothes in the dressers away for them and the hamper is ready for you to throw in the dirty stuff when your dressing them.

Now, I realize that some families don't have their own washer and dryer , or may live in an apartment where they need to go out to get the laundry done. Doing that every day is not time or cost effective.

Finding a system that is stress free that works for your family is what CleanHome© is all about, so if draw string bags work better for laundry hampers for you, and picking a laundry day works better, then go for it! Grab an assigned helper from the older kids to get hauling help, or let them baby sit the younger ones while you go alone and relax and read a magazine while you wait!"

If you have to take the smaller kids with you and you have a lot of laundry, plan for snacks and a "keep busy" back pack for them. This will help save your sanity when they get bored. Throw all you loads in as many washers as you can take up at once and get going in an assembly line. Better yet, take the whole family and get a help from your husband while your switching loads to make it go faster.

Look at it as a fun time out, and try to pick a day and time that your chosen Laundromat won't be really busy. Get your laundry done on your laundry day and take it home and give each person their bag of clothes to put away right away. Now you’re done until next laundry day! ( This only works if you have enough clothes to last your family members a week, so if you have to plan two wash days a week, that's ok too.)

Some other ideas for creating your own Laundry system

1.Even if it is "unorthadox", if it works for you, don't dismiss it. Staying up on laundry and making life stress free and fun is your goal, not adhering to societal expectations.

If you have the space, create a "dressing room" out of your laundry room on the same floor of your home where all the bedrooms are. Put all dressers in the one room for each person and as you wash and dry and fold it, it goes right into the dressers in the same room. This can create extra welcome space in the bedrooms for other things and saves time and energy for you.

2.After your sweep through your clothes, getting rid of old, outdated, ripped, stained, worn, too small or too big items, consider getting rid of your dressers all together and create a closet system in each room with mostly hangers and a storage systems for folded shirts etc. Sticking pants and shirts on hangers is easier then folding all your clothes, saves on wrinkles and can save lots of time, and space in the bedrooms.

We all have bad days, or get busy or fall behind on laundry. Don't feel bad, just start again today. Whatever day it is, do that laundry today and if you need to catch up so people have clean clothes, do so on your designated catch up day, or with one extra load of selected needed clothes until that day comes back around.

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