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The evening really is a time to wind down and relax after a busy day. But, before that can be done, in order to ensure a smooth day tomorrow, planning and preparing for tomorrow is necessary. Once that is done then you can relax for the rest of the evening.

Your Evening Routine

An evening routine is a necessary step in your day to ensure a smooth tomorrow. Even after a bad day where you didn't get anything done, or even if your just starting on CleanHome and your house is a disaster, even if you do ONLY your evening routine tonight, you've already started tomorrow on a better foot.

Remember one new habit at a time… you have to crawl before you can walk!


My evening routine as an example is:

Clear table after dinner and soak dishes while dancing with the kids to some music, to relax me, and wear them out, so they sleep better at night. I wash up my dishes and leave them on the rack to dry. I've got better things to do then dry the dishes! That's what counter space and dish racks were made for.

Then I make sure the day's laundry is put away, and not in the washer getting funky or in the dryer getting wrinkled.

After some time together as a family, I wash up or bath the kids and dress them for bed. At bedtime, We go over my daughter's bedtime routine list. Pick out her clothes for tomorrow, do a quick tidy up in her bedroom for 10 minutes while talking about the high's and low's of the day. ( I sit and direct, she does the picking up, to help her create a habit of her own.) Then we sit and read a bedtime story, or practice sign language or cuddle and rub backs for a few minutes. I tuck her in, blow kisses and lights go out for the night.

Next, I settle our son for the night with a nursing and I put him down for the night.

Oncethe kids are asleep, I pick up toys from the dining room/classroom floor and put stuff away. I put things in the bedroom baskets on the stairs for the kid’s rooms. These boxes go to their bedrooms when I fill it up through the day.

I've already looked over our calendar for tomorrow, so now I prepare anything for tomorrow I need to get ready like snacks for a day of errands, write cheques to pay bills to mail, gather library books, write grocery list, and printing out any homeschooling worksheets fpr the day.

Then I'm done, and can enjoy the rest of the evening. This only takes me about 45 minutes, and then I'll settle on the couch and watch some of my favorite tv shows with hubby, read a book, or do some work on a hobby, have a bath, or whatever tickles my fancy that night.

I start to head to bed 20 minutes before I want to be in bed. I make sure everything is shut off and locked up. I put my CleanHome Life Organizer by the door with my purse and shoes. As I'm blitzing through shutting stuff stuff off I spend 10 minutes tidying up anything I see not in it's place on my way by- just by putting it in the room it belongs. Tomorrow I can tidy it further when I’m in that room.

Then I head upstairs and wash up and get in bed.

Planning Your Evening Routine

If you need to pick out clothes for tomorrow, or make lunches for family for work and school, these are the types of things you would have in your evening routine. Whatever suits your needs, and gets your tasks done, that is what your routine will be.

Once you have this routine in place and your doing it on auto pilot, you'll be amazed at how much peace it brings to your day, and how good your next day starts off when your already prepared for whatever tomorrow's schedule is. Even the least likely to be voted homemaker of the year report finding a meditative quality to the time they do their evening routines.

Soon you'll find the actual doing of the habit and preparing for tomorrow is peaceful and a sort of working meditation too. You may even start SINGING or humming while your working! No, really! It has been known to happen.

If you are just starting out with your Crossroads cleaning and room sweeps, and your home is still a mess and chaotic and you feel like you cannot relax in that, change your mindset. Move aside the pile of stuff on the coffeetable for now and pull out the board game for friday family fun night anyway. Don't let your CRAP (can’t really achieve peace) stop you from enjoying your life.

Try to use the evenings to relax, no matter how much decluttering and organizing your house needs. We all need downtime. If you need a crap free space, clean your bathroom and get some candles and bubble bath and relax there forgetting about everything else, or go sit on your front step or porch in the warm summery evenings.


Get a good start to your day tomorrow with a good night's sleep. A nice bath to relax can help you fall asleep peacefully.

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