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Ideas for date night for CWC's

Couples with Children can find it hard to come up with ideas for date night when they are stuck in a rut. Here are some ideas for you.

First off, dress up for your date night even if your not going out of the house, it will make you feel good, and look good too :) have fun.

Plan your date night event a few days in advance so you can start reminding each other about it and look forward to that event. If you don't preplan it you could spend your whole night saying "Ok, so what do you want to do? " with your spouse responding " I don't know, what do you want to do?", and before you know it your date night is over and you didn't enjoy your time together.

Make the planning fun too, get one of you to call up the other in the middle of the day on Wednesday, and ask the other out on a date for Saturday, with a suggested event. Accept the invitation and then start looking forward to it. The person doing the asking must plan the date, by preparing the event. Set a time and place to meet. ( living room, 8 o'clock-movie etc).

Something my husband and I enjoy doing is playing Video games together. Due to his disability we cannot do the things we used to like doing together, like playing pool, bowling, golf etc. So we play them on the video game. It allows us to enjoy things we used to enjoy doing before, but at a physical level my husband can handle. We sit and laugh and talk and play, while enjoying some drinks and snacks. It is a lot of fun. So don't put away the video game system just because the kids are in bed, go invest in some games you'll both enjoy too. Our favorite game is Monkey ball 2 for the game cube.

We dress the kids in their P.J.'s and go for a drive in the car at night, or go 4 wheel driving out old dirt roads in the afternoon with the kids in tow.

During the summer we take lawn chairs and find a quiet dark country road in the middle of the night and just sit and look up for falling stars during peak meteor shower times in August. The kids usually are sound asleep in thier seats in the car.

We go out and drive around so my husband can take photgraphs. He's an amazing photographer. I enjoy seeing what we find to photograph, and making suggestions of subjects for his shoots. The kids nap in the back, or we make it a family time if they are not alseep.

Some other ideas, sent in by other couples with children for at home dates.

•Cook dinner together, enjoying a glass of wine and nice music and talking, then have a picnic in the living room, or a full fancy dinner at the table with the good china. Then dance to "our song" together.

•Play cards, or a board game

•If you have two computers, go online and chat to each other like you don't know each other. Make up fake information about yourselves, and then plan to finally meet in person in a week or two of getting to know each other. have fun planning the fantasy internet date as well.

•Get some art supplies and sketch each other in your room after the kids are in bed.

•Watch the frirst movie you went to see together, again.

•Watch your wedding video together.

•Put those unfinished photoalbums together over a coffee and dessert. Remember the events that took place in the pictures, and laugh and cry together.

•Find a hobby you both like and do it together ( painting, photography, scrapbooking, woodworking etc)

Tell us how the CleanLove© tips are working for your relationship. Or send in your date ideas.

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