Crossroads Cleaning

When you have SO MUCH to clean it can seem impossible at first, and that is why we stay stuck in our ruts and old ways. But remember, the saying is true; A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

You are standing at a crossroads right now. Which way are you going to turn? Down the same usual road because you’re overwhelmed, or down the new path that leads to a "new home" and feeling good about your ability to manage it better?


The first step to crossroads cleaning is to get the laundry under wraps. This is because it is probably the one place that there is room to put things away. You know it’s true! Think about it for a minute.

If the clean clothes are still crumpled up in the hamper, and the dirty clothes are on the floor, your dresser drawers are empty, and you won't need to clean a space to clean a space! For that reason, this is the easiest place to start.

If everyone does not have their own hamper of some sort, get one for them. It is essential to your laundry routine, you'll read more about later.

On day one of your crossroads cleaning, after you've decided what day is for which laundry, sort your laundry by person and by sheets and towels and by colors. Whatever day it is and whichever laundry you picked to be done today, go do it! Get JUST THE LAUNDRY FOR TODAY FINISHED.Don't try to wash all the laundry to get it finished, you'll burn out before it is finished. That's too overwhelming. Once you get that done, that's it for today’s laundry. You’re done!

TIP: If you have clothes in your dresser still and you are saying " I have nothing to wear... it is time to purge those clothes to make room for the stuff you will wear. Go through your dressers and closets as you're doing the laundry for that person each day and purge the clothes that are too small or large, ripped, or worn out and stained. You can keep a few stained peices for outside yard work & "grubby clothes". To save world war three from happening, make sure you get your husband's and children's approval to donate the items.

"Why do you only do one person's laundry a day?", you ask?

Well you'll be amazed how fast you can get the laundry done when it is already sorted, and you don't have a million piles of darks and whites for four different people in the house to fold and put away all at once.

You'll see how fast you can put it away when you only have one place to go with it instead of going from room to room, tripping over things to get it put away.

For example, on your husband's laundry day, you know they all belong to DH today, so you take them to the bedroom and put them all away, fast and simple, and no chance of getting side tracked while doing it!

Also, we start the crossroads cleaning with laundry, because when you get all the laundry done and everyone has clean clothes to wear out of the house, and your system is only a week in the works, you'll be amazed at how much time this saves you, from searching for socks for people. This will lift an immediate stress off your shoulders. Also, with this first success and the feeling of achievement , you'll want to continue to feel that success. This is the motivation you need while creating a habit.


On day two,(or after you've done the laundry step in day one and your anxious to keep going), once you have all the laundry sorted, and your down to one or two stress free loads of laundry a day, move onto the dishes.

Go gather up every dish in the house, and get all your dishes done. Use a bucket to go gather them if you have to make a lot of trips.

When Crossroads Cleaning your dishes, if you have so many loads you cannot see your kitchen countertop, do a sink full at a time. Wash all like items together. All plates, all glasses, all utensils, a sink full at a time, changing the water in between washings if necessary. It makes it easier to wash stuff and as they dry on the rack, soak the next sink full of dishes, and walk away for a short 10 minute break (with your timer) and then go back to it.

Repeat the process until all your dishes are finished and put away.

Now, your done! At most it is only day 2 of your new plan!

Now, make a promise to yourself to never let it get that bad again. Make a plan to wash your dishes as they get dirty, and you'll never run out of spoons again!

If you have a rack of dishes drying on the counter before bed, that's ok, but make sure your sink is empty before you go to bed. No need to get out the ajax or comet and your sos pad and shine it or scrub it until you see your face in it, just make sure it is empty, and rinsed out, and every morning, you'll feel less stress with an empty sink and a clear counter top to prepare breakfast.


It's day three or so of your crossroads cleaning with CleanHome©. So today your doing a load of laundry for that day, the dishes between meals, and today your going to start a few minutes in your room of the day.

Though this day of your crossroads cleaning may not be the day of the week you picked for the kitchen, the kitchen is the area to start your crossroads cleaning in. You can switch your days around for this week, and then next week go back to the plan you made that works best for you.

The kitchen is the most important place to start with, since you need the space to cook and eat every day.

To start crossroads cleaning your kitchen, you are doing SURFACE CLEANING ONLY!

Clean only what you can see to start with, don't worry about what it looks like IN your cupboards or in your oven or behind your stove yet, just get the surfaces cleaned. This really works because you see results fast, and people notice and give you positve feedback sooner, and that helps keep you motivated!

Pick a surface in your kitchen, get a timer and set it for an amount of time you can handle cleaning. Follow the CleanHome Room Sweep technique to do this.

Look At What You've Done So Far!

Now, look around your house! You have clean dishes, the laundry is getting done, and in four more days you'll be caught up on that too!! Your kitchen is clean, you have space to cook, and you’re on your way to a new home!

Feels pretty darn good eh?

Ok, now between your laundry run, and doing your dishes daily, go read about establishing a morning and evening routine, and all the other links about how to be a successful CleanHome Executive.

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