Overwhelmed by it all?

Step 1-Get a Calendar

It doesn't have to be perfect, just any calendar for now with boxes to write stuff in each day will work. You know the one your insurance company gave you over the holidays that you threw in the mail junk pile? That one will work!

Even though it goes against every fibre of your being, and sounds to "soccer mom" for you, this really is the key to getting organized!

When you can, get a BIG calendar like the ones for a desk with big spaces for each date. Grab some coloured pencils and get started. You can start your calendar today, but if and when you can, get a big one and switch it over. This will be how you inform your family of upcoming events.

Pick a color for each person in the house, a color for family events, and begin to write down things coming up. Library day and when books are due, doctor appointments, kids schedules like scouts and girl guides meetings, large projects due at school etc.

Write down every important event that is coming up the minute you know about it. While you’re doing this enjoy it. This can really be stress reducing when you do it. Go on and have fun...doodle too. Draw a garbage can for garbage night, a pumpkin for Halloween, a Christmas tree for the holidays and so on. It doesn't matter if you can't draw. Just play and have fun.

Hang your calendar in a place that you and the rest of the family can see it every day.

Now that you write everything you need to go to, make it a habit to check the calendar every evening when your cooking supper, so you can discuss with the family what is coming up tomorrow. This is stringing your calendar habit. Because you have to cook dinner, you will see it and remember to check it when so you know what is coming up tomorrow to prepare your family for that upcoming event. You know if you need to wash the soccer outfit, or write down questions to talk with the teacher for parent-teacher night, etc.

NOTE: When your done creating your CleanHome© Plan, be sure to read more about stringing your habits

Solving the Laundry Problems

Step 2

Pick a laundry day for each person in your house, and write it out on your list, beside each day of the week.

Monday=Dear Husband's Laundry
Wednesday=Sheets and towels
Thursday=My laundry
Friday= Dear Son's
Saturday=Dear Daughter’s
Sunday=Odds and ends/catch up day

When you’re finished making up your schedule check out the laundry link to understand more of this new routine. This is where you'll start to reclaim your home with Crossroads Cleaning©

If you have more then 7 people in your house, put your and your husband's clothes together in loads, and opposite sex children in washes together to minimize trying to figure out who's is who's when sorting and folding.

If a load a day does not work for you due to using a laundrymat, you can read more information about personalizing your CleanHome © Laundry system once your finished making your task list below.

But for now, that's it.

CleanHome Room Sweep Areas

Step 3

Dividing your house into different areas makes it all seem more doable. If you think about the WHOLE house needing to be cleaned, that can get overwhelming, so think if it by the room, and you won't get so anxious about what needs to be done.

Divide your house into 7 areas:

For example
Bathroom(s) & Den
Living room
Dining room
Porch/Laundry and Entrance hall
Master bedroom
Kids bedrooms

Now, beside each day of the week you have picked for laundry days, pick an area for that day too.

Your going to be spending time removing the CRAP(can't really achieve peace) from that area on that day. Just 10 minutes worth, and then take a break.

If you have more than 7 rooms in your home, pick a small space to go with a larger space.

Spending a week decluttering one room is daunting because you WILL procrastinate and get bored in the same room all week. You can easily fall into the thought that you will do double the next day and skip a day. Then you forget too, or put it aside with more important things and then your instantly overwhelmed because now you have to do double the amount the next day. With that extra pressure, you get scared of failing or overwhelmed by the amount and find that at the end of the week, you got hardly anything done. For all these reasons, you will only do one room a day, a little at a time.

Here are some example days and the reasons they were picked for that day:

Sunday: Kids Bedrooms
( a few minutes at their bedtimes while they are bathing and it is done, while I'm close by.)
( Tuesday is errands day so Monday is the day to clean the Kitchen so the fridge is emptied of leftovers for when groceries are brought home on errands day.)
Tuesday:Dining room
( Just a good a day as any)
Wednesday: Master Bedroom
(It's the day to change the bed sheets and wash them for all the rooms, so it is just a the 10 minute room sweep after the bed is made. It shows a large improvement for the 20 minutes of work)
Thursday: Living Room
( The TV night, so since your already in that room...do the decluttering during commercials)
Friday: laundry room/back porch and Front entrance hall.
(Friday is Family Fun Night and these areas go fast so there isn't much to do.)
Saturday: Bathroom(s) & Den
(Bathroom is easy and fast, the den is where Saturday Date Night takes place.)

Now, make your own logical list of areas and days. When that day comes, take a timer and set it for 10 minutes and spend time in that area doing the Room Sweep technique. If you do this four times throughout the day for 10 minutes each, you’ll have worked on that area for 40 minutes! Imagine how much progress 40 minutes of cleaning can do for a room!

If your inspired and can do it for longer then 10 minutes at a time, or more often, go for it! If you have the time and desire, strike while the iron is hot! No time like the present as they say! If you want faster results, do it more through the day.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of that], try to aim for 2 ten minute sessions a day. Break it down into small time periods that don't scare you, so your not overwhelmed. If that means two minutes of work and a 5 minute break in between for an whole hour, then do it, whatever works for YOU.

NOTE: Read more about the CleanHome© Room Sweep Technique when your finished making your Daily Maintenance List.

The Daily CleanHome© Maintenance Plan


Step 5: Daily Maintenance Tasks

This is where CleanHome© is different. A whole day of housework one day a week can be crazy making and ties you down for those hours. Dividing the daily maintenance of your home into two small fast tasks a day gets them done fast and with minimal pain.

You can do them the first thing in the morning after your breakfast, while still in your p.j's, or after lunch, just before supper, or whenever it works for you.

We all have different life styles and demands on our time. You might work shift work, or work from home, be a stay at home mom, or a busy 9 to 5er with three kids to get up and out the door in the morning. DO the two tasks whenever you can easily do them in a day. Pick tasks for busier days that are less demanding.

Pick two tasks a day for house maintenance.

Here's an Example:
Monday: Sweep and mop downstairs floors & Water plants
Tuesday:feed gerbils& Sweep/mop upstairs ( errands day)
Wednesday:Change bed sheets & Water Plants
Thursday:Wipe down walls and windows of finger prints & check on gerbils
Friday:Sweep and mop downstairs floors & Water Plants
Saturday:Clean Bathroom(s) & Sweep and mop upstairs, (check gerbils with daughter)
Sunday:Clean out car /purse/backpacks & yard work

Of course, everyone has different needs; maybe you have carpets throughout, no pets and fake plants. Just be sure to pick an errand's day and a leftover day so your fridge won't be growing little green containers of fuzz.

Tuesday is the slowest shopping day generally, so therefore you get things done faster if everyone else is home, and that is why Tuesday is a good errand day. Also, make sure you look through purses, backpack and the car on Sunday's to prepare for the week ahead.

Now that you have a schedule, post it on the fridge, or write it in a planner book and look at it every day and try to get the stuff you picked done; nothing more, nothing less. Don’t feel overwhelmed, and don’t try to catch up if you didn’t get it done. Life happens, and things come up, but when you get back to it just start again on whatever day it is. Don't try to "catch up", you're not behind!!

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