The CleanBody Principle

The truth will set you free!!!

Hello, This is Mama Ril Here... I wanted to share with you the secret to permanent weight loss. Well it is not a secret, really, but people would like to make you think it is, so you'll see value in what they are trying to sell you, and you'll dish out your hard earned money to get the secret.

Some people have told me I'm nuts to offer this information to the public for free, because it will just be glossed over and people won't want to listen to it or take it seriously unless they've paid to hear it, but I cannot in good faith offer this knowledge for a fee when it really is so simple it deserves to be free information for EVERYONE!

I've spent enough money on books and cd's and programs to learn from them, and I'm offering this to you so you can save some of your own money!

I'm going to share with you on this page the keys to weight loss success. The REAL Key to success. I'm sharing it with you so you too, can gain the peace and contentment with your own body, by getting rid of the extra weight that bothers you.

First let me give you a little background on where I have come from in order to get where I am today. I come from a long line of overweight & diabetic people. I struggled all my life to lose weight, without much success until I was 28. It took me long enough to finally wake up and realise that “dieting” was not the answer.

Now that I have figured it out, I share it here with you, so you too can be successful.

Since I was 11 years old and I joined my first T.O.P.S. group, I have tried every weight loss program, shake and pill, and read every book promising the magic secret on the market. I'd lose a few pounds, start feeling good about it, think I didn't need to follow it anymore, and then stop, only to gain back the weight. I hardly exercised due to asthma, and how hard it was to exercise an overweight body. Struggling with Jane Fonda workouts and being forced to jog in gym glass in high school made me despise exercise.

Having seen close relatives and friends go through stomach stapling procedures, and watching them still struggle to manage their weight loss with emotional eating for years afterwards, I knew that fast fixes were not the answer.

I've seen family members and close friends struggle with managing their diabetes, while damaging their body with sweets and sugars. They know they should not be eating them, but unable to just say no. I've seen family members and friends die too soon with complications from poorly managed diabetes, and I knew that my eating and exercise habits had to change.

Once, I finally got it and it clicked with me, it helped me start stringing my good habits and helped me lose 30 pounds before I got pregnant with my son in 2004. Now, a year after his birth and a 50 pound gain during the pregnancy, I have so far lost 31 more pounds.

There was no secret pill or diet to it. I geared my CleanHome© program to my weight issues and then set out to lose the extra weight the same way I got my house clean.

First, I started stringing habits of exercise and good healthy meals, and as I got rid of the CRAP (Can’t Really Achieve Peace) in the cupboards, I got rid of the CRAP on my hips and in my heart too.

Below, is the multibillion dollar secret the diet industry doesn't want you to know. Share it with everyone you know who is struggling with weight loss issues.

Why "diets" don't work

Diets don't work, because you're following a rigid system that you didn't create. It is hard to be successful if you make drastic changes, and expect to stay with them. When you fall of the "diet" wagon ( and we all do) you feel defeated and quit trying because it feels to hard to do .Diets are created for temporary solutions to a lifelong issue. They are geared to make you fail at ridding of your extra weight for good. The billion dollar a year weight loss industry doesn't want you to know this doesn't work because if you figure it out, you'll stop giving them money!*

When you are successful with your weight loss and are living a healthy lifestyle, no matter what you weight, you won't be depressed and you won't be searching for the magic diet answer because you feel good about yourself.

Frozen meal replacements plans cost too much money and time. Who can spend the time cooking different foods for you and your family? Are you going to eat that food for the rest of your life? That takes twice as much time, which could be spent doing other things, like learning to buy, prepare and create healthy meals of your own with fresh foods.

The expensive herbal diet remedies should be avoided to boost weight loss, as it is not known whether it is safe or not over long terms because of how new on the market they are, and how they can interact with each other and other medications you might need to be on. The people who work for those companies, are not herbal experts, nor do they know how those herbal mixes are made. Herbs are natural, but they do interact with body chemistry, other medications you may be on, and just like any other plant, you could be allergic to it.

Studying herbs and relying on a herbal expert to guide you is a better option if you wish to add the use of herbs for medicinal purposes into your healthy lifestyle. The herbal weight loss remedies that are so popular right now can also cause such a rapid weight loss that you can damage your health by causing stress on your heart. Not to mention the stress on your body and heart putting the weight back on once you stop and cannot maintain the weight loss on such a limited diet and expensive herbal supplements.

Powder or canned meal replacement drinks are not a good idea for the same reasons. Replacing two meals a day rather then gaining the calories, vitamins and minerals from real foods can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can lead to lack of energy and depression. It can also cause too fast a weight loss which is not healthy and cause health issues when you stop them and gain back the weight.

Over the counter pill diet aids are dangerous and many people can get addicted to them and have even died from them!!

Low carb diets can get out of hand and in the long term are not healthy if done improperly. Low carb diets can cause glycogen levels to drop to dangerously low levels if you don't know how to balance your intake of protein and carbs properly. Glycogen, which you get from carbohydrates in your diet, is stored in your muscles and are needed for energy in order to make your body move. Many low carb dieters end up in a dangerous situation from lack of carb intake causing low glycogen stores. They become dehydrated, ill and weak, and can cause damage to their bodies permanently, and even die if it goes too far.

Certainly, cutting back on carbs like sugary sweets and candy does cause weight loss, as we all know, and it is good to limit those kinds of carbs, but you cannot eliminate all carbs from your daily intake, which is what many people mistakenly do.

Lifestyle changes are what work, so that is what The CleanBody© Principle is about. It is about making new good habits, and changing our mindset. The CleanBody© Princple is about making new habits that will contribute to your physical and mental well being.

That is the first priority of The CleanBody© Princple, the weight loss is just an added bonus of your new habits.

Exercise and a well balanced intake of food can contribute to lower physical and mental stress, as well as lift depression, and help ease aches and pains in your body.

*NOTE* The only program in the diet industry that I would personally stand behind is Weight Watchers. I get no money whatsoever to day this either, but I'm nt opposed to some donations now and again :)

Though weight watchers has a bad reputation due to being lumped in one category with other programs and diet aids. They are rather, a "lifestyle" program teaching healthy living habits through regular activity, portion control, and better choices, that lead to inevitable weight loss.

I am not paid in any way to say this, and this is an unofficial endorsement, of sorts. If you don't like the CleanBody© way, I've offered you here for free, or you feel you need a more in person support system, I recommend Weight Watchers. They were a key piece in teaching me how to loss weight healthy and lead me to being able to gear a plan to suit me. They also support breastfeeding mothers in weight loss postpartum in a healthy way while maintaining milk supply, so they get a bonus plug from me for that. A friendly warning though, do it only if you're serious, as they are expensive to join and attend, but it does work.

Ok! So where do I start?

The CleanBody© motto is “Make a good decision NOW". Don't look back at yesterday, it's already over, so what if you ate a whole bag of family sized chips because you were stressed out? Making poor choices today because you're beating yourself up emotionally about your poor choices yesterday, is only going to keep you where you are; overweight and eating for comfort instead of function.

So start living in the NOW, and start by making the best choice in every "now" food situation. When you are standing in the store buying foods, looking at a menu, or looking in the fridge, ask yourself "What is the better choice?", and take that. If you do that every time, your “better choice now” will stretch into weeks and months and years or better choices, and before you know it, you'll be a healthier lighter person making good choices in the now!

If you don't know what the better choices are, make a visit to your doctor and ask to see a nutritionist in order to educate you better on how to make some easy changes in eating habits.

A new you starts on the inside

When you decide to follow The CleanBody© Principle, one of the first things you need to do is de-program your brain from “dieting”.

Don't worry about the weight, or how long it will take to come off. Just concentrate on starting new habits, and gaining a new mindset about your own body.

It doesn't matter if you have 100+, 60 pounds or 20 pounds to lose, it is all about your mindset. You need to LOVE YOURSELF NOW, as you are. If you have been putting yourself down since the beginning of time about your body and how you look, when you lose the weight you are still going to have insecurity issues. When you feel bad about yourself physically you start feeling bad about yourself emotionally and beat yourself up harder then you need to. You stop caring about that person looking back in the mirror at you.

It's all about how you carry yourself. You can't tell someone all their lives they are "fat" and "ugly" and how terrible they look in outfits, and then expect that person to one day believe in their heart that it is not true, when one day you say, "Hey you look great!"

You would never dare to tell another person these kinds of things you tell yourself, so STOP now. You affect your INNER self when you have that kind of self talk! I know I did!

So, starting now, only wear stuff that makes you feel good. Be proud and walk with your head held up high. Take an extra 5 minutes to feel good about how you look. Update your hairstyle or do your nails. Feel good. Dress up for YOU and no one else. Just do it.

Before I even lost a POUND of weight once I got serious after my pregnancy about losing the weight again, I picked up a new top and skirt that I really liked for a great deal. I put it on, and dabbed on a little lipstick. I felt good about myself, and it showed! People thought I had lost 10 to 15 pounds!

When you lift the weight of negativity about yourself off your shoulders, you've already lost what you thought was invisible weight, but everyone else could see.

Remember, loosing weight is not just about how you look on the outside. Working on your inner self and being healthy and feeling better physically and emotionally is what it is about. It should be about taking that extra burden off your hips and knees that are in pain, helping your back pain by eliminating the extra weight you're carrying on you're stomach in the front. Feeling more energetic and clear headed so you can function at work better, or play with your kids without getting easily winded.

It's about understanding why you mindlessly shove cookies in your mouth to cover up feeling hurt every time you get in a fight with your husband, or why you eat ice-cream every time you're angry at the world for being dealt a poor hand. It's about your emotional and physical health. If you don't take care of your own health (mentally, emotionally and physically) no one else will!!

You’re standing at a crossroads with your health! You can take a new road, though it is full of pot holes and a few steep hills that leads to a healthier you, or you can keep going down the straight road with a park bench every 10 feet, that leads to you being right where you are now, or worse off. What are you going to chose? No matter what road you take, A year goes by just as fast regardless of what you decide to do. Do you want to look back in a year from now and see you're still where you are, or even worse health wise, or do you want to start making some changes now, start feeling better and looking better now, and look back in a year and be proud of how far you've come?

CleanBody© is not a revolution, it is a compilation of the things that have worked for me over the last few years to lose over 50 pounds and counting. This is what works, and what clicked with me. Maybe my sharing this with you is what will make it click for you. We all have different light bulb moments in our life. I'm sharing the light from mine, in order to help you find the switch in the dark room, so you can find your light bulb moment too.

In order to make it work for me, I had to make the CleanBody© program as simple, fun and non threatening as possible so I'd stick with it.

Any diet that promises rapid weight loss is unhealthy and is only out to scam your money. Don't fall for their marketing scams. I'm here to tell you that it costs you nothing to lose the weight you want to lose! Nothing except your desire and willingness to create new good habits.

CleanBody© is not a fast fix, it is a new road and a new journey for life. For optimal health, a loss of about 1 or 2 pounds on average is a healthy goal for the average person.

Remember that it didn’t get put on over night, so you cannot lose it overnight. But, just think about how much weight you could lose in just 8 weeks if you follow the CleanBody© program!! 16 pounds is a big difference! Of course results will vary for every individual, and you only get out of it what you put into it*, but think about how fast 8 weeks can go by!

* Sometimes no matter how hard exercising or how wise your eating, weight loss can be a huge struggle. If you're doing all the right things and still not seeing any results with weight loss, talk to you doctor. Get checked for thyroid and other hormonal or health issues that may be hindering your progress. Sometimes a simple change in your medication or treating a newfound issue can make all the difference!

I struggled with carving sweets and caffeine all my life because my body was looking for energy to keep my brain awake and to compensate for the lack of chemicals that cause ADHD. Once I was diagnosed and started a medication to help balance out my brain chemistry, I stopped craving sugars and caffeine so much, and was able to win against the cravings I could not control, and made me feel like I needed to eat all the time, and kept the weight on.

Your Starting Motivation

I'm not losing weight just for my appearance, I consider that a fringe benefit of getting healthier. I'm losing weight for my family. I have arthritis in my hips and shoulder and hands, and the extra weight I carry around in a day hurts and makes caring for and playing with my kids harder to do.

I have a disabled husband and two young kids to care for, and staying overweight, unhealthy and in pain won't allow me to care for them the best I could!

The idea of needing a hip replacement in my 40's scares me! I would be out of commission for weeks until I could walk well enough again to keep up with two busy kids, and walk stairs to care for my husband. We would need care providers to come in to care for me and my family! So, Instead I am doing everything I can to get healthy and stay healthy through changing my habits, in order to be healthy and able bodied to care for my family.

Being overweight most of my life, and being picked on as the "fat kid" in school did a number on my self esteem, and to top that off, when I graduated, I picked up where they left off with my negative self talk.

Society gives us this ideal, that if you don't look like a super model, with a flat stomach and perfect breasts you’re flawed somehow. When you feel that bad about yourself, it is hard to be motivated to want to lose the weight for yourself, because you honestly don't feel you are worth the effort, or special enough to take care of your body.


But, while you're working on learning to love yourself again, if you need an external motivator to start until you start feeling good about yourself as you go along, find one that matters to you.

Being the caretaker personality that I am, I started my lifestyle changes at first to ensure I'd be able to care for others. The benefit to that was that I was taking care of myself as well. Doing it for others was my motivator at first, and as I lost more weight and got stronger and felt better, my motivation shifted until I finally realized that *I* was worth it too. *I* deserved to be cared for too.

What is going to be your motivator?

The CleanBody© Principles to Successfull Weight Loss and Living Healthy

When changing your lifestyle, here are the CleanBody© principles for weight loss and healthy living success.

1• Only eat food to fuel your body physically.

Explore why you want to eat other then to fuel your body. Many of us are emotional eaters. Find a hobby to keep your hands busy. If you’re lonely call or write a friend, if you’re bored go for a walk, or do a 10 minute CleanHome Room Sweep. If you’re depressed, pamper yourself not with food, but with a bath, or by doing your nails. Listen to some music for 20 minutes and get lost in the melody.

If you're eating to stuff stress or anger down, seek ways to lower stress over all in your life, and work on the issues that cause you anger. Smothering your anger in cheese sauce won't make it go away! It'll just make you overweight AND angry!

This may be the hardest principle to follow, and one you will fumble on a lot. It is too easy to celebrate life with food, comfort hurt with food, and eat when you're bored. Obviously you cannot "just stop" this, or you would of by now, so start keeping a daily journal of your food intake and why you are eating it.

Start establishing new habits of being mindful of what and why you eat the foods you do, and what emotions you were feeling when you decided to eat it. When you can recognise WHY you do it when you do, soon, you be able to recognise when those times are coming up, and then you can chose to make a better choice. Once you've gained some knowledge that you eat every time the kids fight to calm your nerves, or every time you boss yells at you for a deadline because HE is stressed, start stringing a new habit. Chew gum between meals, drink your daily water intake, start a new hobby, or pull out an old hobby for when you’re bored. Walk away and breathe for 5 minutes. Knit or crochet while you’re watching TV instead of munching. Find ways to replace the need for emotional eating for comfort.

OF course, there will still be the birthday party to attend, the summer bar-b-q, or the Christmas dinner with the whole family to go to. If you cannot have a choice over the types of food being served, eat small amounts of them to enjoy the flavour and leave it at that if you cannot politely decline or make a better choice due to limited menus.

Offering to bring the vegetable salad to a buffet or bar-b-q insures there is at least one dish that is healthy and good for you to eat. Fill up on your healthy dish you brought and limit the other dishes you eat. Learn to enjoy the family dinner for the time with family, not your great grandmother's stuffing recipe!

If you have to, then avoid situations where eating is included as part of the celebration. For example, go to a park with your sister, or to a mall for a walk and talk, rather then lunch at a all you can eat buffet to catch up.

As you learn these new habits to avoid emotional eating, and your trigger situations, you will find that there are times when you will still eat besides actually hunger and a need to fuel your body.

If you cannot stop the emotional eating right away, make it a good choice. It is far better to eat rice cakes then greasy potato chips. Or a small portion of low fat sorbet you go out and buy from a store, instead of a whole tub of ice-cream sitting on the couch to drown your sorrows because you broke up or didn't get a good job you were hoping for.

It is far better to crunch on low fat popcorn instead of a plate of nachos drowning in melted cheese and high fat sour cream.

Make good choices. With being mindful and making good choices when you do eat for emotional reasons, you'll not feel as guilty and then decide to just give up and dig right in. As you keep making good choices, in no time you'll see a difference in how your clothes fit as these new habits form. It's all about stringing your habits, and making new ones, in small steps.

2• Eat Breakfast and frequent smaller meals throughout the day.

We've been hearing it for years, but have we been listening?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!! With breakfast you are breaking a fast of no fuel to your body for the last 10 to 12 hours. Your body needs fuel to operate, so just like you could not drive to work with the car on empty, your body will also sputter and stall out on you before you get anywhere in the day when you provide it with no fuel to operate on.

Many studies have shown that when you eat a breakfast, you work and learn better, you're less irritable, and you don't tire out as fast physically. If you're a crabby morning person, eating a breakfast may be the answer to helping you be less crabby in the morning!

I know I don't really need to tell you that coffee and doughnuts are not optimal fuel for your body! But as a reminder, don't be fooled by the energy a sugar and caffeine high will give you in the morning. High amounts of sugar and caffeine to break your overnight fast will wear off you faster then a good breakfast and you'll end up with a sugar crash (and then craving more sugar). You'll get a headache, be more irritable and less effective at your work, then if you had a good breakfast.

To start stringing a new healthy breakfast habit into your morning routine ( especially if you are starting from not eating breakfast at all) find a quick meal you can eat with a glass of orange juice or milk. A package of low fat banana muffins you keep in the freezer and take one out to defrost the night before, or a individual sized yogurt and an apple, a healthy granola bar and a handful of raisins with a cup of apple juice. Or why not try a healthy protein drink with some frozen fruits and yogurt, for a fast tasty breakfast milkshake in a glass. Great for non breakfast eaters or those in a hurry.

The second part of this principle is eating smaller frequent meals throughout a day to keep you operating at optimum level. How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say "I don't know why I can't lose weight! I don't even eat anything all day!"??

The answer to that questions is.... You're starving yourself and you have your body in a storage mode!

If you don't provide your body with fuel to operate all day, not only are you hungry, sluggish and tired, you are sending your body a message. That message is “I have no fuel to give you, so you need to store every morsel of fuel I give you in case I never get anymore!"

When you are starving your body in this way, it burns off the fat that you have in storage to survive and function. That is why those contestants on survivor lose so much weight in 30 days! Their body is using it's reserved body fat to fuel itself as they starve with only rice and water.

The "Survivor Diet” is NOT a good way to live your life, or to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off!

First off, you're not on a island eating only rice and the few fish you can manage to catch. You're starving yourself in short bursts over a 24 hour period and creating a cycle of starvation, binging and storing.

When you don't eat all day long, getting by on coffee or pop or nothing, that is just long enough to get your body into the starvation mode, when it uses the fat it has already stored in order to function. It has no choice but to do this, as it needs to because you are moving about and requiring fuel to do so, but not providing your body any fuel to do it with.

Then, because you're not really in a starvation situation and you have food available to you, you get so hungry that you finally break down and eat a meal. But, you likely eat more then you need to for the one sitting, because you're so hungry you think eating more will solve it faster.

THEN, your body does this neat little survival technique thing and says "OH LOOK FUEL!!!! I better save this in case I starve again! I don't know when I'll get more again! So, It prepares for the next starvation period by keeping all the extra fat in that food you ate in stores as fat for energy later when it will need it to survive while working on empty.

This cycle is unhealthy and dangerous for your body. It keeps the weight you have on you because your body is storing what it thinks it needs in order to have a back up plan in case the next starvation period goes a lot longer!

So, It may seem backwards, but you need to eat to lose weight!"

When you provide your body with a constant steady supply of optimal fuel, it will get out of that cycle, and stop storing the fat it takes in. Instead it will start burning it off as it gets it, as you require it to go about your day.

It is important to only eat as much as your body needs to operate in a day, or it will store the extra fuel you eat as well, causing weight gain. You'll know if your body needs more fuel because you'll feel hunger pains if you've gone to long without giving your body a steady supply of fuel. Once the hunger pains set in, your body is now going into the starvation mode and starts burning the stored body weight for energy, and will start saving the fuel you give it there after. Don't let your body get too hungry. You can do this by eating smaller meals/snacks. About 5 to 6 small fuelling sessions every 4 to 5 hours.

Only when you eat the right amount of fuel your body needs in a day, (over the course of the day), will you THEN begin to see weight loss as you start doing intentional exercise to burn off the excess fuel you have in reserves you no longer need.

Which brings us to principle #3

3• Intentional Exercise

Start moving. If exercise is not already a part of your life, make it a regular habit by stringing your exercise habit.

Doing at least three 20 minutes sessions of exercise a week minimum, at a heart beat raising level will burn off your stored fuel. If you do a heart beat raising exercise (aerobic) that incorporates toning and muscle strengthening together like Pilates, Tae Bo, and others do, you should stagger your exercise to be every second day in order to give your muscles a chance to heal between exercises.

When you exercise and you build your muscles up with a toning exercise, you're causing little tears in the muscle, and as they heal, your muscles get stronger. In order to ensure you don't hurt yourself and you build those muscles effectively, they need a day between workouts to heal and grow stronger.

It took me a long time to find an exercise routine that I actually liked. I HATE walking, it is too boring for my ADHD brain, a bike hurt my back, and a fast paced aerobics caused me to have asthma attacks. After a long time, I discovered that swimming laps, ball Pilates, Tae Bo, and dancing with the kids are good exercises for me. They are fast and fun and effective for me without inducing asthma attacks.

Find an exercise you like, that you will stick to and then start making room in your day for exercise. It could be 10 minutes of dancing to some fast music with the kids twice a day. Just make sure you get your heart beat up for 20 minutes a day.

I know that there are some of you reading this who have a lot of extra fuel on your body that you need to burn off. (not just 50 or 60, but over 100 or more pounds of extra body fuel in storage.) I know that carrying that much extra fuel is hard on your body, and it hurts. I know that 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week is impossible at this point and may seem like a really big leap to take! Please, don't think you are a lost cause! The beauty of CleanBody©, is it is not a rigid program. You can do whatever you can to start. If getting from the bedroom to the living room is a huge effort for you, there are exercises and stretches you can start doing in small amounts to move your body, while sitting in a chair, or sitting up in bed. If you can, go swimming in a community pool, where your body will feel lighter in the water due to buoyancy, and just start moving. You don't need to swim. Just walk slowly back and forth in water up to your chest, move your arms and legs around for 30 minutes. Do what you can, and as you go on, you'll be able to do a little more and a little more each time. The improvements may be so small that from day to day you won't see a change, but please don't give up, you are worth it! In a month you'll be able to move around easier, and then the next month a littler easier then that. It is a long-term thing, but you'll feel so much better, so don't give up.

Even though you may be busy all day on your feet at work, or a mom who runs around after kids all day, you still need to do intentional exercise to burn off the stored fuel. Pick a time of day when you're not tired, and you're most motivated to exercise. There is no " better" time to exercise, so if your mornings are too busy, then do it at night.

Your body is used to the amount of running around you do in a day, so it demands for it and requires fuel daily for that energy you burn. It won't burn off the excess fuel your storing if you don't make your body work it off and demand that extra stored fuel for intentional exercise.

Make time for Exercise!

You won't do it, if you don't plan it! SO make a plan right now of when you will exercise. Tell someone to make you accountable and then when that time comes up DO IT!

For a long time I used the "I'm too busy", "The kids are in my way", "I hurt too much", "When I get the living room cleaned up to do the DVD" excuses to not include intentional exercise in my week. But, when it finally clicked with me and I knew I had to do it to see the weight come off, I worked it out to make it happen.

I can eat smart all week and not have time to exercise due to being sick, or a lot of extra commitments, and at the end of that week I'll have maintained my weight, but not lost any. YOU NEED TO EXERCISE! I cannot stress this enough.

Now, I don't make excuses, I just push aside the mess and exercise there in the clean spot in the living room. I do it when the kids are asleep, busy, or I included them. An exercise habit is hard to create if you don't make a plan for it and just do it. Start small and make it non threatening and keep adding onto it. Before you know it you'll be up to 3 times a week for 20 minutes or more.

I created an exercise time in my week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I just do it. I try to be active on the weekends with the family working in the yard/garden, going for walks, or nature hikes. But I exercise every Monday Wednesday or Friday, barring serious cold or flu and the inability to breathe. Even on the days I don't want to exercise and I feel like crap, and I can't lift my leg high enough to complete a kick from my flaring arthritis in my hips, or I feel clumsy and tired from monthly hormones surges, I still do it if it is on my daily routine list. It takes a lot of positive self talk to get there, but I do it. I may do it poorly, but I still do it.

I'm not perfect, I lose motivation and I don't do it for a day and then end up looking back over a week having not exercised, but I don't beat myself up for it anymore, or throw in the towel either. I just make a plan to start again right away. Just start again.

Exercise is now a special time for me, because I figured out how to make it fun, and thanks to my supportive husband who suggested Tae Bo for me. Exercise time is time when I can de stress, and zone out. It is a “pamper my body” time for me now. Exercise helps me feel better physically and emotionally, and I can take care of everyone in my family who needs me better, when I'm taking care of me better. My husband especially likes that I'm less crabby over all when I'm exercising regularly.

If you chose an exercise you hate you won't do it. It's that simple. You'll find excuses to not do it, end up not caring and just stop. So figure out what you like and what will stick with you, and do that. I know you may have spent a fortune on that treadmill or that elliptical trainer that is a clothes hanger in the corner of your room now, but if it's not for you, admit it and cut your losses. If you cannot use them or don't like using them, then sell them and do some research on what you will do, and then invest in that instead.

Try some new things and see what you like. If you need emotional support to do it, start a walking date with a friend after supper, or walk around the block on your lunch hour for 20 minutes with some head phones and fast music you like playing in your ears. Ask a few co workers to join you for a chat and a brisk walk around the block. It will give you a great break, and allow you to distress, as well as give you the exercise you need.

Plan a swim night with a group of women and have a girl's night out while exercising. Borrow a DVD from your library of something that looks fun and try it, then when you find one you like, buy it. If you need to do your exercise privately, so no one sees how much your extra fuel wiggles and jiggles while doing it, ( like me) then close the curtains and lock your husband out of the room and just do it.

These were ways I got exercise to be a part of my lifestyle. I started out with swimming with a group of women locally who all met over the internet for a local weight loss group online. We started swimming three nights a week. We were all different weights and health levels, but we laughed and became friends and had fun while exercising. Some of us could barley walk the pool for the extra fuel on our bodies; others could swim laps twice as fast as others. We did our own pace and enjoyed the laughs and fun in the change room afterwards. We didn't care about what we looked like in our bathing suits, or even naked in front of each other... we just got there and had fun! One of my closest friends today was from that swim group.

Doing Ball Pilates with my daughter. I usually don't let my husband watch me exercise, but I allowed him to take this photo so I could add it here. Now the world has seen my storage tank stuffed in spandex!!! YIKES...

Letting my daughter join me on her little rubber ball keeps her busy so I can complete my exercise routine. It keeps her feeling included and teaches her the value of exercise too. Every time we finish I'm sweaty and tired out and she jumps up clapping asking to do it again!

4• If you don't buy/cook it, you can't eat it.

This is pretty basic principle. If you don't have crap in the house, you won't eat crap.

Your whole family should be eating healthy and changing lifestyles as well, so shopping for healthy choices and low fat foods, will benefit everyone, so don't let them guilt you into not changing.

It is almost a given that you'll get some negative feedback from your family if you cut out everything at once, so start slow. Cut treats down from a regular daily event to once a day every second day event. Then replace those treats with lower fat and less sugary options. Buy fruits and veggies that the family will eat. Try frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream, popcorn instead of chips etc. Allow desserts after dinner, only on the weekends. Just start making a change.

Don't force carrots on the kids if they'll eat broccoli without issue. My kids LOVE broccoli so much, that if I put it on the table before I sit down for supper, the whole bowl is gone! But they would never touch a carrot if I offered them a dollar to do so!

Cut back on fast food, and using the deep fryer. Make better choices on the menu if you eat out.

When you do your grocery shopping, shop the outer walls of the store .A grocery store has all the fresh more healthy food around the outsides of the store, in the produce department, the meat department, the dairy section, and the frozen sections.

Frozen sections offer fatty choices too, but they also have fresh frozen vegetables, and fish (not battered), real 100% frozen fruit juices instead of pops and sugar water drinks. Chose leaner cuts of meat, fish and chicken. Chose lower fat milk. Go from 2 to 1 percent or from whole to 2 percent. Yogurts, eggs, hard light cheeses.

Avoid most deli meats, as they are full of chemicals for preserving and fats! If you buy any sandwich meats for lunches chose sliced thin roast turkey or chicken, over bologna, pepperoni and salami.

Chose whole wheat breads, pasta and brown rice over the white counterparts, they are complex carbs and take longer to break down in your digestion system, and are healthier for you with higher amount of fibre.

Avoid the candy and cookies rows. If you must buy treats, read labels and pick lower fat/sugar options. Avoid trans fats in your crackers and cereal /granola bars. Buy sorbet or frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream. Chose salsa and corn chips over potato chips and cream dips. Chose light microwave popcorn over buttery flavours.

5• Mentally divide your plate into 4 equal sections.

Fill 2/4ths of your plate with vegetables/salad. ¼ with a protein (fish, chicken, lean beef/pork or tofu), and ¼ with a complex carb.

This ensures that your getting a decent amount of all food groups, all of which are important to a healthy balance fuel intake. A proper portion of meat is about the thickness of a deck of cards and as big as the palm of your hand.

When you cannot divide your plate into four due to a combo food, like pizza, make/order it with a thin crust, with lots of veggie choices and less meats and half cheese. Season it with a little salt and pepper and have a salad with it to fill up on. Limit your portions of combo foods, and don’t go for seconds unless you're still truly hungry a half hour later.

Use spices to flavour your foods instead of sauces, dips and gravies etc.

Serve all combo foods with a veggie salad or raw veggie platter and a low fat dip like salsa, or fat free sour cream or light salad dressing. Eat a reasonable portion of the combo food, with a large portion of the veggies.

When ordering a restaurant meal, divide half the plate of food as soon as it arrives. Take home the other half for another meal, or share it with a child. Most restaurant portions are double the size you need to be eating. Order gravy and dressings on the side if at all, and ask for your veggies steamed not fried or soaked in butter.

6• Avoid white starches as much as possible (white potatoes, bread, rice & pasta, white flour and the sweets made from them)

Many people think that starchy foods like breads, rice and pasta are fattening. They themselves are not, but when you add fats like margarine, oil, mayonnaise, cheeses, sauce or gravy to them, you add many extra calories, which can be the downfall if you're trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Whole grain versions of these starchy, carbohydrate foods have higher fibre, and fibre can provide health benefits such as lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Limit your spreads and sauces on them. Good sources of carbs are fruit, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, beans, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, lentils, 100% juices, yams, and vegetables.

7• Avoid/limit any unrefined sugars and bad fats in foods and drinks.

If you're a sugar craving person, this may be a hard thing to cut back on and out of your diet completely. I still have a hard time with this, because my body naturally craves sweets due to having ADHD and my brain wanting sugar and caffeine all the time to keep it awake.

It is far healthier to get your sweets from fruits naturally, as our body can break down the sugars and use them more effectively. So, aim for sweet fruits you like to eat for snacks and desserts when you are craving sugar.

If you're a huge cola drinker, this can be a daunting task. Switching to diet or sugar free drinks can help you make the break from sugar to start, and then you can wean down off of colas more by starting to switch that for water with lemon, or herbal decaffeinated ice teas etc. Just make a start, and do it in a way that is the most non threatening way possible for you. Forget what they say about artificial sweeteners. Just make small steps and you'll not need the artificial sweetener either eventually. Going from Cola straight to water cold turkey, is too huge a leap to be make for most people, me included. Take smaller leaps and enjoy your treats of cola less often, and as you slowly cut back, over the course of a few months, you'll be amazed at how well you did for a person who though they could never live with out their cola fix.

Fats in food are essential, since they are another source of energy and also help produce hormones in our bodies we need.

Like carbohydrates, fats are used as a source of energy. They are also stored beneath the skin helping to insulate us against the cold. Do not think that by avoiding any fat completely is the answer either. This is not an all or nothing thing!

There is such a thing as "good fats"(unsaturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats) and "bad fats"(saturated, trans fats). "Good fats" are great for your overall health. Remember don't be afraid to eat fat! Just eat the good fats.

Good Sources Of Fats are natural peanut butter, seeds, olive oil, canola oil, flax seed oil, fish oil, hemp seed oils, soy bean oils, walnuts, cashews, avocados, and raw fish. They all contain essential fatty acids.

As far as unrefined sugar and bad fat foods go, you know what they are... the donuts, the Twinkies, cakes, candy, puddings, pies, fried fish, French fries, gravies, etc... This stuff can be so tempting! Who doesn't love this stuff!

It's ok to have a treat now and again, but fried foods every day, or a sugary dessert every night after supper is too much, and no longer a treat when you consume them every day!

Chocolate is my down fall. Most chocolate bars are full of trans fats, unrefined sugars and just chocolate flavour rather then real chocolate. Dark chocolate has been scientifically proven to be good for you when enjoyed in small amounts. Dark Chocolate ( not milk chocolate) can lower blood pressure, has antioxidants which can be good to prevent heart disease, and has also been shown to improve your mood since it contains a natural chemical called Tryptophan.

Tryptophans are a chemical that the brain uses to make a neurotransmitter called serotonin. As most know, Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that is low in your brain when a person is diagnosed with depression, and are given anti depressants ( usually SSRI's) to help alleviate the depression. SSRI's also known as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.

So, I don't deny myself some chocolate once or twice a month when I think I could use the boost. I don't keep it in the house though. I buy a small amount, and I eat it in the car, enjoying every last bite until it is gone, and then It's over.

Depriving yourself of something completely can make you desire it even more and therefore make it harder to resist. Enjoying these things in small portions and less frequently will allow you to still enjoy them, but not sabotage your weight loss journey.

When at a buffet dinner, or a party, the sweets and treats are so tempting! The best trick I have used is to take a small bite size amount of the stuff I want to eat, and enjoy every single bite, just the once. You don't need to eat three servings of ice-cream to get the flavour on your tongue and really enjoy it. Learn to be mindful when you eat and really enjoy the portioned amounts of your favourites. A treat is supposed to be a TREAT, not an every day event.

Alcohol beverages should be greatly limited to 1 or 2 at social events no more then once or twice a month, or cut out altogether. Alcohol is full of sugar, and also dehydrates your body, makes you tired and sluggish with hangovers, and causes you to usually overeat as well, trying to cure the dehydration. It should go without saying that overindulging in alcohol is not good for anyone physically or emotionally, and is not part of a healthy lifestyle.

8•Be Mindful of your fuel intake EVERY time.

Remaining mindful of what you're taking in is a good way to learn when you're full, as well as to learn to actually enjoy your food, so you won't continue to overeat.

Slow down and chew each forkful and take your time eating. When you eat too fast, your brain doesn’t have enough time to sense that your body has been fed and turn off the hunger signals. Physiologically, it takes about 20 minutes before your brain receives the "full" signal from your stomach and intestines, due to the need to start digesting the food to start the signal. If you quickly eat a lot of food, thinking that just getting it into your stomach is the answer, you’re wrong. By the time this signal reaches your brain, you’re overstuffed and uncomfortable since digestion occurs in the upper intestines not the stomach.

So, if you're not paying attention to what you're putting in your mouth, and taking your time to enjoy it, you WILL over eat.

Don't eat in front of the TV or a computer This is a great way to mindlessly overeat. Sit at the table, making dinner with the family a habit, for family closeness as well as good health reasons.

People who live alone or eat alone tend to eat and read or eat and watch TV to save being bored. Find a way to enjoy your meals alone without this. Put on some quiet music and be with yourself. Pay attention to what your eating, and learn to enjoy your own company.

9• Eat on a smaller plate.

Choose a smaller plate like salad plate to eat your meals on

Follow serving suggestions on the packages of foods. It may seem silly, but eating off of a smaller plate has a couple of benefits, it will help you gain some control over your portion sizes and it may trick your mind into thinking you’ve fed your body more than you actually have by seeing a full plate to start with. This will not be effective if you allow yourself third and fourth helpings because it's a smaller plate. So, treat your plate as though it's full size when it comes to portion control.

10•Creating Accountability

Accountability helps keep you on track when you're feeling like you want to quit. Having a cheerleader, and supportive listener, and people who understand where you're at and where you're going is a great way to stay accountable.

Join our email support group for people following the CleanBody© Principle to lose weight.

Another HUGE way to remain accountable to yourself is to get rid of all the clothes that are too big for you. Yes GET RID OF THEM! Donate them, give them to a grateful friend, or sell them at a consignment shop, but get rid of them! If you don't have them to grow back into, you won't!

When you feel the waist band of your current size getting a little snug, that is perfect accountability to step up a little and see where you have been slacking on your new habits.

The number on the scale can help you be accountable too. Seeing the number drop over time can keep you motivated to keep up with your good habits.

I weight myself each day, but I don't put a lot of power on the number, or obsess over it. It's just a number, like my blood pressure or my age. It is not who I am.

Seeing the number every day helps me see where I am day to day. I've noticed a huge shift in my thought process and self talk since I instituted a daily weight in. It helps me stay motivated day to day.

If you're having a hard time staying motivated, consider weighting yourself every morning as part of your morning routine. Don't feel guilty about it, and don't let the number be an obsession to you.

Just like tracking your food intake and your mood when you chose to eat every day, weighting yourself every day is a good key to weight loss and your new lifestyle.

If you see a loss, you're motivated to keep doing what you're doing to keep it showing on your official weight in day.

If you see a gain, you will be motivated to look at what you did for the day before and correct any faulty behaviours or thought processes that can sabotage your weight loss efforts.

If you see a maintain from yesterday, you look at what you're doing right, and feel motivated to continue to do the right things for weight loss you did yesterday, and to step up your exercise a bit more, or eat less treats etc. in order to see a loss again soon.

These are all of positive outcomes of knowing what you weight every day.

In order to not obsess over the daily weight in, have a weekly official weight in day and use that day's weight each week to chart your overall success at your weight loss journey.

If you wait a whole week to weight yourself and you're having a bad week at maintaining your new habits, you'll feel so defeated when you step on and see a gain or 3 or 4 pounds! But, what if you had of stepped on the scale on Tuesday and saw a gain of one pound, from your overindulgence in ice-cream on Monday? You would have had the opportunity to think about what you needed to change right then, and could have turned that 4 pound weekly gain from self negative talk and sabotage into a maintain, or a loss by having had that daily reminder to work on your new habits!

Weighting yourself everyday gives you less opportunity to fumble on your healthy habits. Weighting yourself everyday allows you to pick yourself back up and start fresh again NOW.

Keep in mind that you will weight differently from night to day, and at different times of the month. Chose to weight yourself at the same time every day to minimize this.

If I see a four pound gain from one day to the next, though I've been doing well and exercising regularly, I can be pretty sure that I'm headed for a week of hormone surges and back pain. Knowing ahead of time can help me plan not to give into sweets cravings so much. Also, I'm not depressed by seeing a gain on the scale, because I know it is normal for me and only temporary due to water retention.

Being aware of the times you'll normally see a gain will let you not panic when you see it. If you were not expecting it and are freaked out, you’re more likely to overeat or give into your desire to overindulge, instead of allowing yourself limited treats if you feel you need it them. If you're feeling down anyway due to hormones, and then get down even more due to seeing a huge gain at the end of the week you were not expecting, though you were doing well with your habits, you’re more likely to just throw caution to the wind and eat everything in sight. Then that creates a self fulfilling prophecy, because you replace the temporary water gain this week with a real gain from your overeating due to depression of such a large gain.

Seeing your weight every day can help you plan ahead for the normal temporary gain times. (remember if you eat salty foods one day , you could see an artificial temporary gain the next day as well, due to water retention from the salt)

The scale number is not the be all and the end all of life. A 10 pound loss might not show on you, but you can really FEEL a 10 pound difference. Also, you can be loosing fat and gaining weight in stronger muscles, so the scale will not always reflect your new habits and good efforts. Instead of obsessing over your weight in pounds, look for your clothes fitting looser, and how you are feeling overall as signs of victory over getting rid of your extra weight.

Sure a great sign of progress is when someone sees you and notices your new habits working for you! It feels good to be complimented on your efforts. But, don't rely on others to notice your efforts to get compliments. Many people won't even notice, or if they do they all won’t mention it. Compliment yourself on your good choices. Be proud of yourself! Tell that friend of yours in the mirror how great she is doing!

Feeling good about you and feeling better physically is what is important. Before you know it you’ll be healthier and have more energy and you’ll look greater because you’ll feel greater too!

Your Ideal Body Weight and Fitness level.

Whatever you have read, heard and been told about the Body Mass Index as your proper body weight or weight loss goal, get rid of it right now!

We are not striving for perfection or obsession here. We are striving for better health and feeling better with extra weight falling off as a result of our new habits.

If you feel good at 140 pounds though the BMI says you "should" be at 120, who cares!!! If you feel good and are healthier at that weight then you are now, that is what matters.

I am 4 foot 11 inches tall. I'm a shorty, with a stalky build in the hips and shoulders. The BMI says I should weight between 97 and 124 pounds, for my height and age!! I WILL NEVER weight 124 pounds. If I can get down to 140, my ideal body weight goal I'm striving for, I'll be happy. That will mean a total loss of over 60 pounds. Considering how good I feel so far with my loss to date, I feel 140 is my ideal body weight, and my doctor agrees. I'd have to basically starve myself and work out an hour every day to achieve 124 pounds and stay there.

Go see your doctor and get a check up. Discuss your desire to make some lifestyle changes, and talk over the CleanBody© Principles with him/her. Based on your current weight, overall health right now and your body frame, chose a target weight to work towards, and how often you should be doing intentional exercise and what types of exercises would be good for your fitness and health level, to ensure you won't hurt yourself.

Your Doctor can give you some ideas for exercises for you if you need to avoid stress on your joints, or if you have a bad back, or other health issues.

You don't need to start lifting weights and running 10 K tomorrow! Just getting up and moving about as much as you can in a day is good start.

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